Bachelor 2016: Episode 8 Recap

Ben and Caila's special bnch
Ben and Caila's Special Bench

Bachelor 2016 Episode 8: Hometowns I was super excited to get 4 comments on my recap last week. And I got two Ask Emily questions! I’m feeling the love. I promised to post the first Ask Emily question last week but I ran out of time so I’ll publish both of them this week. I … Read more

Bachelor 2016: Episode 7 Recap

See and Say: What does the swan say?
Emily displays her inability to identify water fowl

Bachelor 2016 Episode 7: Warsaw Before I get into the episode, I’m very happy to report I got my first “Ask Emily” question on Monday. I’ll be posting it in the next couple of days. If you have any relationship or life questions you need help with, feel free to contact me. Alright, so on … Read more

Bachelor 2016: Episode 6 Recap

Love letter to Olivia

Bachelor 2016 Episode 6: The Bahamas Welcome, Bachelor Nation. Time for another Bachelor 2016 recap! Thanks to the meddling producers, my top 6 is blown but I’ll get to that in a bit. My final 4 is still intact for the moment though so yay me! We return to Mexico where the cocktail party was … Read more

Bachelor 2016: Episode 5 Recap

Two Brides for Ben?

Bachelor 2016 Episode 5: Mexico City Welcome back to Bachelor 2016! Sorry this recap is late. A close friend had to put his kitty to sleep yesterday and he was really upset about it so I spent the day with him to help get him through the worst of it. There’s a lot to say … Read more