UnREAL: Behind the Scenes of Reality Romance

UnREAL - An Insider's Perspective on Behind the Scenes of The Bachelor

UnREAL: Behind the Scenes of The Bachelor Through the Eyes of a Former Producer Have you seen Lifetime’s new hit series, UnREAL? Well, if you’re a Bachelor/ette/IP fan, you should definitely check it out. A lot of us talk about The Bachelor franchise being our “guilty pleasure” but after watching UnREAL, I am starting to … Read more

Bachelorette 2015 Recap – Episode 11: The MTA

We love Kaitlyn!

Bachelorette 2015 Recap – Episode 11: The Men Tell All There’s a lot I could say about tonight’s episode. There were Ian’s TWO awkward apologies on bended knee, neither of which I bought. There was Clint’s somewhat redeeming statement that Kaitlyn did the right thing by letting Nick on the show. And we finally found … Read more

Elauf vs Ambercrombie: Was SCOTUS right?

Religious Discrimination vs. Looks Discrimination

Before everyone gets mad at me for the Zorro pic, I want to be clear that I in no way intend to hate on Muslims in this article and that I consider the rights afforded by the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution to be the cornerstone of any advanced society. Additionally, I altered the … Read more

Women Aren’t Funny. A New Documentary

Woman Laughing

Yesterday, I watched a documentary on Netflix produced by a female comedian called, “Women Aren’t Funny.” I never really thought about the question of whether women were funny or not prior to watching the film. My first thought was, “Of course women are funny,” but the documentary gave me pause. I tried to think of … Read more

Thoughts on the Josh Duggar Debacle

I don’t watch TLC’s show, 19 Kids and Counting, because I have no interest in the lives of an uber-religious family with an excessive number of children. In fact, I didn’t even know the show existed until scandal erupted surrounding the oldest child in the Duggar family, Josh Duggar. A tabloid recently leaked that Josh … Read more

A Legitimate Investigation into the Possibility of Alien Visitors

I wrote a while back about the Fermi Paradox which basically states that given the age of the universe and the number of habitable planets that should exist, that advanced extraterrestrials species should have visited us many times over by now and poses the question, “So, where are they?” You can read the post here. … Read more

How to Be a Force for Good

Girl with Star Wand

I considered naming this post “How to Be a Good Person” but I don’t believe there are good people and bad people any more than there are good bats and bad bats. The only thing that separates us from other species is our extraordinary capacity for compassion and our high level of self-awareness. If we … Read more