Bachelor 2017 Recap: Episode 4


Bachelor 2017 Recap – Episode 4 The last couple of episodes, I felt I didn’t have enough material to work with and now I feel like I have too much. I’m also starting my blog really late so I’m hoping I can keep this shorter than usual. The episode resumes at the pool party. We … Read more

Bachelor 2017 Recap: Episode 3

Nick and Vanessa find love at Zero-G

Bachelor 2017 Recap Episode 3 Fortunately, this was a more interesting episode than last week’s. We finally got some quality Vanessa time which I’m very happy about. The episode opens with the girls from Liz’s date telling the mansion-bound girls about what transpired the previous night. Liz and Nick had sex, Liz went home, Christen … Read more

Bachelor 2017 Recap: Episode 2


Bachelor 2017 Recap: Episode 2 I found this episode a little boring. At the end, I felt like we didn’t get a whole lot of new information and then we were hit with another “To Be Continued” which I know you all love as much as I do. The episode was primarily about Liz and … Read more

Bachelor 2017 Recap: Premiere


Bachelor 2017 Recap: Premiere Welcome back, Readers! It’s time to don our bitch caps once more and begin the long journey to find out who Luke Perry 2.0 (or James Dean 3.0) is going to pretend to be engaged to for the next couple of years until he can figure out how to make a … Read more

Bachelor 2017 Recap Episode 1 Coming Soon

Dolphin Enthusiast Doesn't Know the Difference Between a Dolphin and a Shark

Hi, everyone. I wanted to let you all know that I will be covering Nick’s season of The Bachelor and I will be posting my full recap later in the week. I just have one thing to say as a preview: IT WAS A F*CKING SHARK COSTUME!!! Dolphins don’t have gills. Dolphins are sea mammals. … Read more