Miss America 2016: My Thoughts & Answers

Miss America 2016 - Betty Cantrell

Miss America 2016 I watched the Miss America 2016 pageant last night and I have my own take on things (not unusual). I’d like to begin by saying that I dream of a world where women don’t have to starve themselves in order to put on bikinis and strut down runways to stripper music so … Read more

UnREAL: Behind the Scenes of Reality Romance

UnREAL - An Insider's Perspective on Behind the Scenes of The Bachelor

UnREAL: Behind the Scenes of The Bachelor Through the Eyes of a Former Producer Have you seen Lifetime’s new hit series, UnREAL? Well, if you’re a Bachelor/ette/IP fan, you should definitely check it out. A lot of us talk about The Bachelor franchise being our “guilty pleasure” but after watching UnREAL, I am starting to … Read more