Doll that looks like Olivia
Doll that looks like Olivia
Doll that looks like Olivia. By Reina

Bachelor 2016: Episode 4 Recap

Becca’s One-On-One

A box with a wedding dress arrives for Becca. She puts it on and is driven to the famous Little White Chapel.

Ben is there in a Tux. He gets down on one knee and asks her if she’ll marry “other people” with him. He’s an ordained minister. So am I. Through the Universal Life Church. You can get ordained too! Just Google ULC ordained or something like that. There’s no training involved. You just answer about 20 simple questions and voila! You’re ordained. You won’t be qualified in all states (check your state laws) but definitely in California.

Becca and Ben have a great time marrying couples.

Becca is a tough nut to crack but I think she’s really into Ben. She whispers in his ear and kisses him. I don’t remember her being that way with Chris Soules. The mutual faith is a big thing for both of them and I can see Becca going really far. She still needs to open up though. She’s super happy and positive all the time but she gives off a serious buddy vibe with everyone.

That night, Ben and Becca go to the “Neon Museum” where all the old neon signs in Vegas go to die. So a junkyard. Very romantic.

Ben asks Becca if she’s feeling anything for him and what is different last season from this one. I think she almost let it slip out that she’s just way more into Ben than she was into Chris Soules.

They talk about Becca’s virginity choice and their faith. It seems Ben has chosen to deliberately discard the no sex before marriage rule. Interesting. I wonder why he made that choice when he seems so devout in every other way. Of course, he doesn’t tell us. 🙁

Seeing the closeup of Ben and Becca kissing, I’m not sure Becca’s a great kisser. It makes sense since she’s a virgin but it’s really awkward watching them kiss.

I think America probably wants a Ben/Becca engagement though. I’m not feeling it between them yet but who knows?

Twins-On-One Mini Hometown Date

Emily and Haley live in Vegas so Ben takes them home so he can meet their mom and finally divest himself of Thing 1 or 2 since he can’t take both of them to the fantasy suite.

Chris H. announces the date early in the morning. Emily and Haley look beautiful without makeup. Just sayin’. A lot of the women this season don’t need as much makeup as they put on.

Emily lets Ben know it’s okay to treat them as individuals even though they basically came in as a gimmick. Nothing can beat hot twins, right? But now they want to be treated like individuals. Okay.

So Ben kicks Thing 2 to the curb and now we have an Emily rather than Twins. Finally. How many rose ceremonies do you give Emily? After this one, I give her 2 max. The real players are already in the game and she’s not one of them.

Cocktail Party

Before Olivia can take Ben away, Jennifer beats her to the punch.

Jennifer manages to get out that she’s not used to being so aggressive before Olivia goes in for the steal. Is it really that hard to just say, “Hey, I haven’t gotten any alone time with Ben all week and I really would like to finish my conversation with him. Can you come back in 5 minutes?”

Or is there a producer rule that you have to accept any interruption to your time with the lead? It’s never really made sense to me that the leads and the contestants are all so spineless that they just accept any interruption. I bet Sharleen Joynt has some insight into this.

Olivia brings Ben to a hotel room and brings a plate of cheesecake. According to her, she’s not that good at jumping out of a cake but she’s good at eating cake. So her talent is gluttony? Actually, it just occurred to me that I would love to see a Miss America contestant have pie-eating as her talent.

Olivia is spiraling out of control. She apologizes profusely to Ben and Ben isn’t having it. Desperation sets in and Olivia tells Ben she’s completely falling for him and has no fear. No fear? She’s nothing BUT fear. She’s terrified and clueless and this is just not going to end well for her. It gets worse when she starts talking about herself in the third person. She mistakes Ben holding her hand as another signal that he really cares about her.

She says some things about the way he smiles at her and how she can just see in his eyes that he really likes her and he looks more afraid of her than anything. But this is probably just an editing trick.

They have multiple shots of Ben on screen by himself reacting to what Olivia is saying during any given conversation. So while you hear her voiceover saying, “He smiled at me a certain way,” you could be seeing an expression on his face that has absolutely nothing to do with what you think it does. The editors can just pick the shot where Ben looks the least into Olivia and match it with her voiceover to make us all think Olivia is completely delusional.

The moral of the story is don’t think that the story the editors are telling you is necessarily what happened. Olivia and Ben could easily have patched things up and he could have smiled at her sweetly in some special way during their time together but that’s not the story the show wants to tell. The show wants us to think Olivia is completely detached from reality. She has her moments but the editors are fully capable of making it look a lot worse than it was.

Olivia seems even more delusional when she tells JoJo that Ben reciprocated her feelings when she told him she was falling for him. We saw no evidence of that but it doesn’t mean Ben didn’t give her encouragement. He might have but we just didn’t see it. I don’t think he said he was falling for her too but I also don’t think Olivia would have come back glowing if he didn’t kiss her or have some kind of intimate moment with her after she said that.

Ben is a sweet guy and he wouldn’t leave a girl hanging after admitting she was falling for him. But I think Olivia probably read much more into whatever happened than he actually felt.

Next we see Ben trying to boost Jubilee’s confidence when she’s acting insecure right after the scene with Olivia. I think it’s safe to say that Ben did something similar with Olivia that we didn’t see.

Rose Ceremony

Becca, JoJo, and Lauren B. all have roses.

  1. Amanda
  2. Lauren H.
  3. Jubilee
  4. Emily
  5. Caila
  6. Jennifer
  7. Leah
  8. Olivia

Olivia worries about why she got picked last again. She assumes it’s because Ben is sending her a message: “Best for last”. Obviously, the producers decide the rose order. Her being last has nothing to do with anything other than the producers trying to tell a story. It wasn’t Ben’s choice so he’s definitely not sending her any messages.

Amber, Rachel, and Haley go home.

There is a preview of next week where Olivia says something about feeling like she’s watching an episode of “Teen Mom” when Amanda talks about her kids. It seems really b*tchy but if you look at the extended clip shown on Bachelor Live, you can see more context. The moment is super awkward for everyone including Olivia who seems to realize she put her foot in her mouth.

She’s just clueless. I don’t think she’s mean. You have to be able to really understand what it’s like to be on the outside looking in your whole life to pick up on what amounts to nothing more than social ineptitude. I’ve said dumb stuff my whole life either through being too honest on accident or trying to be funny.

After Bachelor (Bachelor Live)

We see Olivia’s drunken top 10 reasons she knows Ben cares about her. This girl is so not evil but man did the producers of the show do a number on her. I’m worried how this experience is going to affect her.

Allison Williams and Michelle Collins are the guests. Allison says Ben gets beyond an A+ for how he’s doing as the Bachelor. Agreed. He’s killing it.

Allison Williams says she has the bizarre talent of being able to put IKEA furniture together so they make her prove it by bringing out an unassembled piece of furniture for her to put together. It seems like everyone is drunk on After Bachelor.

I didn’t realize the shots of the women’s hotel room with all their makeup and clothes was on Bachelor Live so if you didn’t see Bachelor Live, you probably didn’t get my reference earlier.

According to Bachelor Live, the twins-on-one date was Ben’s idea. I am not convinced.

Bachelor Poll: Did the right twin go home? Yes, no, or “who knows”? “Who knows” takes the poll at 56%. Shocking.

Haley comes on the show to talk about the day Ben sent her home. Nothing important to report on that. She’s doing fine.

Deleted scene of Emily confronting Olivia about her taking time away from everyone else. Olivia said she would try to dial it back. I maintain that Olivia is not evil.

Deleted scene of Jennifer, Amber, and Lauren H. joking about using the bidet in their hotel room for purposes other than for what it’s intended. Wink, wink.

We see the extended scene of Olivia trying to backtrack from the “Teen Mom” comment. Michelle Collins thinks she was trying to make a joke. I agree. I seriously feel sorry for her.

America thinks Ben should send Olivia home in Mexico. Of course, they do. That’s how Bachelor producers want us to feel about Olivia.

Alright, that’s all folks. See you next week!

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8 thoughts on “Bachelor 2016: Episode 4 Recap

  1. I totally agree with you about Olivia. She is awkward, weird, and a strange mix of insecure and aggressive– but she isn’t evil. I thought the people on After Bachelor were being really overly mean about her, including Chris Harrison. I’m the queen of coming across in a way I don’t mean to, and of saying things that come out the wrong way, so I guess I feel for her.

    • I thought they were really trying to get us to not like Olivia on After Bachelor. It felt like brainwashing. Sometimes I feel like that’s what the Bachelor shows do. They convince us not to like people based on editing and the power of suggestion and then real people pay the emotional price for it. I am actually kind of worried about Olivia now. I get the feeling she’s really sensitive.

      I thought I was the queen of putting my foot in my mouth. I guess we can share the crown though. 😛

      Thanks for your comment, Melissa! 🙂

      • Thanks for your comment. I have no idea what that last word is but I like things that make me scratch my head. 🙂

    • Hi, Liz.

      I certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone with my comment. If you have a friend or loved one suffering from cerebral palsy, I have sincere compassion for them.

      My comment was not directed at people suffering from the disease. It was a joke. I would never mock people who are ill even if my comment seems like that to you. I have been dealing with chronic illness for 14 years and I know how hard it is to try to get through life when you’ve got a monkey on your back that prevents you from being able to lead a normal existence.

      But I’m not very politically correct. It’s just not in my nature.

      Some people may find what I say funny and others may find things I say mean-spirited. I can’t please everyone. It’s just not possible.

      So I am just going to write what I think and people can either love it or hate it or feel “meh” about it.

      I hope you understand.

      I do appreciate you taking the time to comment and I apologize for offending you. It was not my intention.


  2. Ive been reading Reality Steve blog, but very tired of it, this week half the blog about his sick dog etc.. I go to read a blog about a show, dont need to hear peoples problems!!! I have enough problems and I go to these blogs to read recap not about a sick dog. I like this blog better also more humor then RS and he is critical on many women which I find harsh.
    I agree with you on Olivia she is not a Courtney Robertoson, she is just out of place, Courtney was unliked by 99% of all the girls on her season.. so her redemption is sligh.. Good blog write up.

    • I saw that Reality Steve’s dog died. I feel bad for him but your comment did make me chuckle. He’s pretty popular and famous so I guess he can get away with talking about his life once in a while. I sprinkle in little bits of my life because it’s where my experiences come from in being able to examine The Bachelor franchise from many angles but I tend to be private about my life. I don’t only write about The Bachelor but when I do, what I write is aimed at my audience. I try not to get down on the women too much but they do drive me batty because they’re so young and inexperienced.

      I’m flattered that you like my blog better than Reality Steve’s. I’ve always found him pretty funny. I do agree he is very harsh sometimes and I don’t like it. He really trashed Kaitlyn on her season and I don’t read him while I’m blogging because I don’t want to see any spoilers. All I do is skim and comment and then I read his spoilers when the season is over. When all was said and done, I saw how mean he was to Kaitlyn and I thought it was too much. I almost considered not linking to him anymore but I figure everyone’s entitled to their opinion and I want my readers to have access to any and all content they might find compelling.

      Thank you for the comment. I really appreciate it! 🙂

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