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Bachelor In Paradise Recap: Week 6 – Finale

After Paradise

The current Miss America is a guest which gives Chris Harrison an excuse to advertise the fact that the next Miss America pageant will be held this coming Sunday night. Set your DVRs, kids.

Catherine and Sean are on because they’re pretty much on any time a couple gets engaged on one of The Bachelor shows.

Comedian, Nikki Glaser, is on as the second guest host. It cracked me up when I saw the description under her name: “Not Miss America”.

A caller calls in and defends Kirk over Carly, saying she overreacted. My reaction? Click.

Miss America answers a Twitter question about who should win a male Paradise swimsuit competition. She says Jared. Jenny says Tanner because he’s probably the only one who doesn’t have a hideous tattoo on his body. I’m torn. My first instinct was Dan but I could see Jared winning it. I just can’t remember seeing him in just his swimsuit. I really don’t care enough about what guys look like to have a solid opinion on the matter though. I care more about their brains which, sadly, were lacking on Bachelor in Paradise.

Tenley is on to talk about Joshua. She rehashes her reasons for choosing not to continue their relationship. They’ve talked since. Sounds like Joshua might not be over her since Tenley had to go over with him more than once why they couldn’t be together.

Amber calls in to talk about Samantha because apparently she and Samantha are best friends. She says she feels so bad for the rap Samantha has gotten and lets us know that Nick and Samantha are doing “amazing”. They’ve met each others’ families even. That’s a bit of surprise, I must say. But I wish them the best.

America wants Jared back in Paradise next summer. Okay, but only if he perks up by then. He seemed so depressed this season. Was it all because of Kaitlyn?

Chris Harrison says he wants Tenley back in Paradise. Tenley says she’s too old. At 31? This show really needs to open up to people in their early to mid 30s. They’d get a lot more mature contestants who were actually ready for marriage than the 20-something millennials they cast now that cry and pitch fits all the time. Less drama, perhaps, but easier to watch for people like me who want to be invested in the outcome of the Bachelor franchise’s “love stories”.

Cassandra is on. Chris Harrison announces that it’s official: Cassandra’s in a relationship. Did Twitter blow up when Jonathan walked out on stage instead of Justin?

Apparently, Jonathan and Cassandra met on a photo or video shoot. Cassandra was doing makeup and Jonathan was “the talent” which means he was either a model or an actor. The rest is history.

Finally, a black man has found love on this damned franchise. Hallelujah! And with one of the most beautiful contestants ever. You go, Jonathan. I want these two to have babies because they would be absolutely stunning.

Carly’s on. Ug. We’re going to rehash the breakup. This is killing my love buzz from watching Tanner propose to Jade.

Wow. Kirk told Carly she could move in with him because he has a huge home with tons of rooms? For kids? As if Kirk didn’t seem like enough of an idiot from what we already saw last night.

They show a cut scene of Carly singing a song to Kirk. She has a really pretty voice.

She also wrote a song about her breakup with Kirk that she put out on Sound Cloud:

I love the title, “Blindsided”.

According to Ashley I., Carly “Taylor-Swifted” Kirk’s ass. LOL.

51% of America says Carly should forgive Kirk. I’m usually on the side of forgiveness for any failed relationship. Holding a grudge doesn’t do you any good in the long run. Negative emotions are bad for your health. I don’t necessarily think Kirk shouldn’t have to pay a debt of karma for what he did, but everyone is redeemable and it’ll just be easier for Carly to move on if she forgives and forgets.

Kirk comes on to apologize AGAIN. He says he “should have said something sooner.” To which Carly responds, “Yeah, you should have.”

More hashing. Carly runs circles around Kirk’s dumb ass who really has no legit excuses for his behavior. She’s so much smarter than he is. I hope her next guy is a little bit sharper.

Tanner and Jade are on, glowing with new love. They’re doing great, even better than when they were on the show. Awww…

Jade has been sneaking off to Kansas City to visit Tanner.

Sean Lowe’s advice to Janner: “I would just say commit because it’s gonna be tough at some points… as every relationship is.” Yeah, I’m not ruling divorce out of Sean and Catherine’s future. That sounded a bit disgruntled.

America overwhelmingly believes Jade and Tanner will get married before Kaitlyn and Shawn. Yeah, because the Janner wedding will likely occur and the Kaitlyn/Shawn wedding is never gonna happen.

Tanner blew off a work deadline to stay in Paradise with Jade. For a coldly logical guy like Tanner, THAT’S love.

And that’s all, folks. The season is officially over.

I would now like to take a moment to release all the contestants on The Bachelorette season 11 and Bachelor in Paradise 2015 from having to be the characters they were molded into through editing and producer manipulation and forgive them all their reality TV crimes, especially the villains. You are all absolved. Now go forth and be regular imperfect human beings albeit with your new massive Twitter followings. Ignore the haters and embrace your supporters, particularly your family and friends. They will keep you grounded and remind you who you really are.

The new Bachelor starts on January 4th, 2016.

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2 thoughts on “Bachelor In Paradise Recap: Week 6 – Finale

  1. A fitting final entry for the BIP finale! We now look forward to “The Bachelor” to get this kind of spot-on humor we have come to expect from these recap postings. In the meantime, I am sure you will post your POV on other varied topics which will be equally worthy of reading. Thank you!

    • I’m looking forward to The Bachelor but I really need a break after back-to-back seasons of The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise. A lot of work!

      Thanks for your comment! Much appreciated as usual.

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