Nick Viall is going to be on Bachelor in Paradise. Is he a fame whore? Me thinks he is.
Emily doesn't like being wrong about people.
Nick Viall is going to be on Bachelor in Paradise. Is he a fame whore? Me thinks he is.
Emily doesn't like being wrong about people.

Bachelorette 2016 Recap: Episode 7

Jordan’s One-on-One

“Jordan, let’s toast to love.”

Jordan and Jojo go to a vineyard to make wine I-Love-Lucy style.


After 2 minutes of not-so-vigorous stomping, Jojo and Jordan decide to drink some of their “wine” which is really just chunky grape juice and toe jam. Mmmm… I wonder what their sommelier is going to pair that with at dinner.

Back at the hotel, the date card arrives: “Chase, James, Robby, Let our love soar.”

On the nighttime portion of Jojo and Jordan’s date, we find out that Jordan is estranged from his famous brother and according to him, they barely have a relationship. Jordan says he’s “SO” in love with Jojo after assuring her yet again that he’s definitely not entitled even though every obstacle he lists that he’s overcome in his life to become the man he is, is a first world problem.

Judge_judy says Jordan is entitled

The Group Date

Due to rain, nobody is going to be soaring anywhere. Jojo, James, Chase, and Robby stay at the hotel and have an adult slumber party instead which consists of binge-eating, Pictionary, truth or dare, a very awkward massage train in which only one dude is touching a woman, and plenty of wine (a prerequisite to survive the massage train with one’s masculinity intact). All are wasted when Jojo dares Robby to run up and down the hallways of the hotel in his underwear.

Given that Robby has the body of a god and his boxers look closer to biker shorts than underwear, this is a very weak dare. They should have dared James to do it in a pair of Speedos if they wanted something approaching shock value.

Unable to compete with Robby’s abs, James attempts to throw him under the bus by telling Jojo that Robby has a wandering eye. Robby drunkenly insists that James is a liar. Oh and, BTW, I don’t care.

Thoroughly liquored up, Jojo and the three boys watch the Argentinian version of the Bachelor. Ten bucks says it very closely resembles a telenovela.

telenovela star cries in Spanish

During his one-on-one time, Robby assures Jojo that he’s ready to get engaged to her after only having broken up with his girlfriend four and a half months prior to going on the show. (Um… no.)

During Chase’s one-on-one time, Chase mumbles something about wanting to spend his life with her her blah blah blah. Chase is one of the most forgettable contestants to ever be on this show. Ask me in two months who he is and I won’t be able to tell you (unless he’s on BIP but I may forget who he is between the time The Bachelorette ends and BIP begins).

James is up next. He talks to Jojo about the really sweet and deep connection they have but he feels like Jojo has a more physical connection with some of the other guys. James is quick to reassure himself that it’s because their connection is so solid that Jojo doesn’t need to worry about where they’re at. Yeah. Totally. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

Robby, James, and Chase talk about who they think is a frontrunner. James, the voice of reason, realizes that Jordan and Luke got the one-on-ones because they’re the frontrunners and Jojo wanted to spend more alone time with them, knowing she intended to give them each a rose at the rose ceremony. This leads James to the inevitable conclusion that one of the guys on the group date is going home.


Robby protests, believing himself to be a frontrunner based on his emotions. Yeah, because the emotions you feel for someone else are always reciprocated. (I don’t like Robby. He’s clingy and creepy and annoying.)

Robby asks James why he’s even there if he doesn’t think he’s a frontrunner. James responds that he’s never been a frontrunner in anything in his life but he’s always gotta fight to win or he’ll never win anything. Word.

Robby gets the rose. Because Chase is boring and James is obviously going home as he has been destined to since he auditioned for this show.

Luke’s One-on-One

I think this date set a record for shortest one-on-one in Bachelor/ette history.

Luke and Jojo go to a ranch. They ride horses and go skeet shooting. Mind numbing.

The most interesting thing that happens on the date is that Luke intimates he’s open to moving away from his rural town since Jojo lives in a “big” city. Dallas? Houston? I can’t remember. It’s in Texas. This is important because Jojo seems like a city gal and probably doesn’t want to make bread and raise a gaggle of babies on a ranch in downtown Nowhere – yet.

Luke returns before noon and lets the other guys know that his date is over and they’re all going straight to the rose ceremony (I hope they paid Luke Chris Harrison money to be announcer for the day) which leaves Chase and James in a state of panic.

Rose Ceremony

Robby already has a rose.

  1. Luke
  2. Jordan
  3. Chase

James goes home. Sorry, buddy. It was time. James did kind of grow on me toward the end. I still don’t want him to be the Bachelor but I’d almost rather see him as the Bachelor than Jordan.

So I wasn’t dead on with my final four predictions from night one but I was pretty close. I picked Luke and Jordan and I was very certain about those two on night one. I picked James F. and I still think he would’ve been a better choice than Chase but also to be fair to myself, I don’t remember there being much footage of Chase and Jojo together on night one so it was hard to tell he would go the distance.

I thought Wells would go farther than he did but he was only ever going to go far to get the Bachelor gig, not because he and Jojo were a match. I did have Robby contending for the fourth spot with Wells and Nick B. so I can say that three of my choices from night one were pretty good. If Luke turns out to be the winner, I’ll consider my predictions to be pretty accurate. If Jordan or Wells turn out to be the next Bachelor, I’ll reclaim my Nostradamus status. I predicted that Ben would be the next Bachelor on night one of Kaitlyn’s season. (Have I mentioned that before???)

Looks like a lot of drama next week with Robby and rumors about his ex-girlfriend and with Jordan and his brother.

I don’t know who’s going home but I’m fairly certain it’s going to be either Chase or Robby.

I don’t see there being any universe in which Luke and Jordan aren’t the final two.

OK, that’s all folks. Probably by the time you finish reading this it will be time for a new episode of the Bachelorette.

Thanks for reading guys. I really appreciate it. Talk to you next week or Sunday! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Bachelorette 2016 Recap: Episode 7

    • Thank you, Megan! I kind of messed it up but close enough.

      Thanks so much for your comment and support! 🙂

  1. Hi Emily, I just wrote a comment to you and for some reason it didn’t post. Oh, well. This one will probably be shorter and not as articulate! Thanks for posting your recaps this summer. I find them so interesting and entertaining. The picture of the three dogs was just perfect to illustrate the bizzare nature of the date with Alex and the horses. I also agree with your thoughts on Robby and am not sure what JoJo sees in him. I’m concerned that she is not particularly grounded and goes for the good looks and fairy tale romance talk. Finally we are at hometowns! I don’t see her picking anyone other than Jordan but I am not terribly confident in the furture for those two. Luke for Bachelor if we have to have one of the final four. I’m curious to see Nick V on BIP but like you I find myself questioning his true character. We shall see. Enjoy tonigh’t episode. I’ll be watching and wondering what your thoughts will be on the end of this not so wonderful season. Take care!

    • Hi, Julie.

      I’m sorry your comment got lost! I hate when that happens to me.

      I agree that she is not grounded or secure. She falls for the ones who say what she wants to hear rather than the ones who are honest and display sincere affection (Luke).

      If she doesn’t pick Luke, yeah, she’ll probably pick Jordan. I have no confidence in a future for her with anybody given her high level of insecurity and seeming inability to deal with the reality that there is pain in relationships and certainly no guarantees. I suspect she will be clingy.

      I definitely hope Luke will be the next Bachelor if we’re stuck with one of these guys. I like him more than I did in the beginning. He came across as mopey in the beginning.

      I’m looking forward to see what Nick does too, I just seriously question his integrity.

      It really hasn’t been a wonderful season, has it? Jojo was the best of the bad on Ben’s season and I just didn’t really connect with any of the guys aside from Wells but he went early. I like Luke too but everyone else is ordinary.

      I can’t wait for the end! I want to see what happens and then promptly forget about it.

      Thank you for your comment and your support. You take care too. 🙂

  2. I enjoy Nick V’s TV presence as well and I’m also somewhat disappointed in him being on BIP. I’m wondering if I would be as disappointed if he were to be the next Bachelor versus on BIP. So far, BIP has produced two successful couples (to my knowledge anyway), so his chances of “right reasons” love might be higher than if he were to be the next Bachelor. I hope so, anyway.

    • I think I would have been cool with Nick agreeing to a season of The Bachelor but going on BIP seems like he’s slumming it. He’s going on to hang out with Ben’s castoffs. Some of them are really hot but they’re all really young and, sorry, but really dumb. I can’t take the idea of him going on to find love with someone who can barely carry on a conversation with him. He’s a smart guy and he’s gone for two smart women on this show. Now he’s dumpster diving for Leah’s and Hemily’s.

      Thanks so much for your comment and support! I really appreciate it! 🙂

  3. James was definitely a favorite over Robby. Robby is…. strange. I just have this weird feeling whenever he speaks. Luke is my favorite. I think Jordan will win in the end, but Luke would be my choice. He just seems down to earth and sweet and he is ridiculously funny.

    • Robby is a creep. That is the weird feeling you’re getting about him. 😛

      Luke is my favorite too. He’s sexy and funny and he’s got that mysterious thing going on.

      Jordan will win if Luke doesn’t but I don’t think it will last. I don’t really feel a connection between them but Jordan is a stereotypical catch so I can see Jojo falling for him. I can also see him betraying her at the finale. Someone is supposed to betray her. I don’t see that being Luke or Chase. So it’s got to be Jordan or Robby.

      Thanks so much for your comment and support! 🙂

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