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Ben Higgins: Bachelor 2016. First Impressions.

I’ll write a full recap tomorrow of the first episode of Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor.  I have to memorize all the women’s names first. I predicted Olivia would get the first impression rose as soon as I saw her get out of the limo and interact with Ben. They clicked immediately. I predict she’ll make final four unless the editors are holding back her crazy to unleash on us down the road.

I’m not very impressed with the women so far but then I rarely am.

I can’t remember the name of the girl who looks like Sean Young (from Blade Runner) but she’s batsh*t. However, Ben was very impressive with his communication skills. Unfortunately, she perceived it as special attention rather than consideration by a man who is a great communicator. I haven’t finished the episode but if she stays, it will be because the producers wanted her to stick around to stir up drama. I’m sure Ben had ruled her out the first night.

The twins are ridiculous. I feel like The Bachelor team started out the show with a circus complete with miniature horse. Seriously, what was the point of that? Does the woman who brought the horse raise them or something? I wasn’t paying that close attention on my first pass. It was a pointless stunt I blame on producers.

But back to the twins. Yeah, sure. It’s every guy’s FANTASY to sleep with hot twins but I think Ben is genuinely on the show to find a wife so what gives? He can’t take them both to the fantasy suite and he’s not the type who would so why bring them on the show?

I’ll be back tomorrow or by the latest, Wednesday. I just wanted to let any loyal readers know that I’m back and ready to blog after a long hiatus. Very much looking forward to this season and hoping for a happy ending for Ben. He seems like a genuinely goodhearted young man (yes, I can call him young. I’m 40. I was in high school when he was born) and deserves to find his soulmate. I just hope she’s on the show.


7 thoughts on “Ben Higgins: Bachelor 2016. First Impressions.

  1. Looking forward to reading your commentary this season! Ben seems genuinely kind and considerate, so I’m sure that will be offset by lots of crazies this season, just to keep things interesting.

    • Thanks, Melissa! It wouldn’t be a Bachelor season without crazy. Thanks for leaving a comment too. It’s good to know people are reading!

  2. Could they have any more Laurens/Lauras? Some of the blonds look too much alike, twins notwithstanding. Would be better if the twins had way different personalities. His face seemed to light up most with the blonds but that could be the editing. I’m 40 as well and it always amazes me to see dates of birth be in the 1990’s. I agree on Olivia – my only minor complaint on her was she didn’t have to tell Ben she left her job for him. I didn’t really believe that 100%. Cannot stand that Sam whiner and he DEFINITELY only kept Mandy (stupid rose head) for producers, he almost visibly cringed when he called her name. I knew he’d keep Lace and figured he’d call her last. WTF was up with her “you didn’t look at me ONCE during the rose ceremony?” Um, there are a ton of other chicks in the room and he was probably avoiding your crazy drunk stare. (For the record, I personally don’t mind when the girls are drunk on night 1 but to come out that possessive is a HUGE red flag. Emily’s comment about her looking like Sean Young was spot on – she’s very attractive). There was one youngish brunette he let go that looked so familiar. As for the gluten nazi – seriously stupid to (literally) break the evil bread as your 1st impression. Guys dig chicks who eat burgers, amirite?!?! Final note: Becca looks older than 26 and Amber is truly gorgeous, though none of the other girls seem to think she is any threat – only Becca who “has one up on them” (Lace’s quote) with her V card. Thanks for the mini recap Emily – will be on the lookout for some laughs this season.

  3. Your comment was very entertaining, Jennifer. Yeah, the not making eye contact issue was a huge red flag. I’m sure he ruled her out after that. Some people just never get past the age of 3 mentally and think everything that happens around them has to do with them.

    Thanks for leaving a comment! I really appreciate it!

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