Bachelorette 2015 recap episode 4
Bachelorette 2015 recap episode 4
Villain Twins J.J. and Clint ©2015 ABC and Café Emily

Bachelorette 2015 Recap: Twin Villains Find Love

The Cocktail Party

Kaitlyn comes into the living room of the mansion and talks about how some of her relationships have progressed while some have taken a step back (Clint). She’s also heard about some friction in the house (J.J. and Clint are being a-holes).

Clint’s ITM and ensuing actions will ensure him a place in the annals of Bachelor history as one of the franchise’s greatest villains: “Things didn’t go that great this week with Kaitlyn not coming to talk to me. I kind of knew in the back of my head she wasn’t the right girl for me but I love J.J. He’s made my time here insanely enjoyable so I need to get a rose from Kaitlyn.”

As soon as Kaitlyn finishes her speech, Clint takes Kaitlyn outside for some one-on-one time. He crafts a very convincing and funny story about why he didn’t come to talk to her on the group date. He even kisses her.

He is so convincing that I actually believe for a moment that he’s had a change of heart even knowing his intention going in to his conversation with her. Kaitlyn is convinced too. Anyone would have been.

But his next ITM verifies that he lied to her face: “I was wearing my power socks and I had the power so I just had to abuse it.” DOOOOOUUUUUUUUCHHHHHHHHHE BAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!

I normally hate it when people lose their jobs for things they do on social media or on reality TV but I might be okay if Clint gets fired for this. He probably won’t but some comeuppance is certainly warranted.

Up on one of the terraces, Clint and J.J. cackle together in evil camaraderie like the devil children they are. They rejoice in being villains.

J.J.: “If the eye patch fits…”
Clint: “Hey, villains gotta vill.”

But, alas, Kaitlyn is rescued from her would-be destroyers by no less than three good princes, none of whom she will ever sleep with. Ian, Jared, and Joshua break the bad news about Clint and J.J.

Kaitlyn asks Joshua if there’s anything else she needs to know about Clint because he’s never going to see him again.

Kaitlyn storms back into the house, pissed that Clint played her. She grabs him and drags him away from the rest of the group.

In Kaitlyn’s final ITM of the night: “Clint is one of the biggest douches in Bachelor history. He’s going down in flames.” Oh, I concur. I can’t wait til Clint gets the smack down that he has coming and Kaitlyn’s just the girl to give it to him. If she could punch him in the stomach or the face too, that would be fun for me. I know it won’t happen but a girl can dream.

In the preview for next week, we see that Clint and J.J. have a nasty argument and it looks like they’re definitely headed for divorce court. I can’t wait to see that.

Also, it appears that J.J. gets upset with himself and slaps himself in the face. I’m not sure why but it doesn’t really matter. As long as he gets slapped in the face and I get to watch, I will enjoy myself.

Nick is coming back next week and from the sounds of it, it looks like he may be joining the cast as I suspected he might. However, if Kaitlyn has already pretty much chosen who she wants to be standing at the end and her relationship with that person could be jeopardized by keeping Nick around, Nick will not be on the show long. The only way he lasts is if Kaitlyn hasn’t yet made up her mind and considers Nick a serious contender for her hand. I very much doubt that will end up being the case though.

I was at the grocery store the other night and I saw Nick’s pictures all over the tabloids accompanied by Kaitlyn’s line: “I had sex with him.” I’m trying to avoid spoilers so I tried not to read anything specific. I don’t think Kaitlyn had sex with Nick but you never know.

My picks for top four:

  • Ben H.
  • Ben Z.
  • Chris
  • Shawn

I predict the top 6 will include Jared and Joe. I think Ian is going home before them but I consider him an alternate for the top 6. That will mean that no one who voted for Britt is going to make it very far. A lot of them are already gone.

I’m not yet able to predict the winner. The obvious choice is Shawn. I think it’s between him and Ben Z. Either Ben H. or Chris will be the next Bachelor but I think the odds are definitely in Ben H.’s favor.

Nick is still a major wild card though so he may blow up all my predictions if Kaitlyn likes him enough to keep him around. But as much as I do like Nick, I think there are better guys for her in the group she already has so I don’t see her choosing him. But who knows? He could make it to final 6 or 4. Time will tell.

See you next week for another Bachelorette 2015 Recap!


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  1. I am so hooked on your weekly entries. There is more entertainment in your writing than in the show! Well done!

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