Bachelorette 2015 recap - Nick Viall Returns
Bachelorette 2015 recap - Nick Viall Returns
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Bachelorette 2015 Recap: Nick Viall Returns

“Play” Date

This date was a shameless plug for Disney’s Broadway musical, Aladdin.

The five guys show up and are asked to audition. They learn a dance routine and after rehearsal, they’re told only the guy who gets the part will continue on the date with Kaitlyn later in the evening.

None of them could dance a lick so no one gets the edge in the dancing category.

Next, they have to sing the song, “A Whole New World,” to Kaitlyn.

Joe’s audition is the funniest because he doesn’t know a single word to the song and can’t keep a tune to save his life so he just makes up entire new lyrics to Kaitlyn’s utter delight.

Ian’s a decent singer but the “judges” who talk amongst themselves say he’s just singing it and doesn’t seem to feel it. The guy can sing! Who cares! Were you even listening to Joe’s audition?

Chris claims to know the song by heart because he loves Aladdin so much. It should be mentioned that Chris is actually prettier than the the Broadway actor who plays Aladdin and looks a lot more like him. Chris gives a performance so flamboyant that it would put some drag queens to shame.

IS Chris straight? I’m starting to wonder…

Despite Chris’s over-the-top performance, Chris gets the part.

The rest of the guys watch Chris and Kaitlyn rehearse their walk-on parts. And that’s literally what they are. They walk onto the stage, they get some fake flowers from a merchant’s cart, and walk off.

Ben H. and Joe are understandably annoyed that the part requires no dancing and no singing.

So what’s the deal? The obvious candidate looks-wise was Chris. Even though Disney owns this show, I don’t see them letting a Joe grace their stage. Chris hasn’t had a one-on-one and I do think the producers are pushing him toward the final four even though I haven’t seen significant evidence of a real connection between him and Kaitlyn. Maybe the other guys never had a chance.

After their performance, Chris and Kaitlyn walk up a lot of stairs to the New’s Years Eve ball in Times Square. I think Chris estimates the number of flights of stairs to be somewhere around a million. I wonder how many teeth he thinks his patients have.

They kiss. Chris gets the rose. Kaitlyn must have already decided he was going to get it or the producers did because it would have been really awkward for him to be the only person left on the group date and not get it.

Back at the house, the guys are bitching again because Nick is moving in.

Tanner mentions that he heard something from a tabloid that Nick and Andi were dating after she broke up with Josh in January. Screw Wikipedia! The next time I want information, I’m going straight to Tanner.

Wow. Obviously, Tanner, did not watch the show AT ALL from last season. Andi wouldn’t touch Nick with a ten foot pole and he probably wouldn’t be too keen on getting together with her either. They did not part on good terms to say the least.

The show ends on Nick entering the guys’ hotel suite.

Again, no rose ceremony. So if the first thing they’re going to do next week is have a rose ceremony, does that mean Nick automatically gets one by default? Because otherwise, there would be no point to him coming back.

I think it’s safe to say he gets a rose because there’s definitely another makeout session between Nick and Kaitlyn that happens in broad daylight that they haven’t shown yet.

I still think it’s possible that Nick may end up leaving sooner than later if his presence jeopardizes her relationship with someone she likes more than him. I did not see him in many locations on the season promo after the premiere. Was that done on purpose to keep Kaitlyn’s decision whether to let him on the show a surprise? Right now, it’s very hard to say.

But if Nick becomes a full-fledged contestant and the other boys simmer down and accept him, my final four predictions will have to change.

Current predictions for final four:

  • Ben H.
  • Ben Z.
  • Chris
  • Shawn or Jared

If Nick becomes a real contestant:

  • Ben H.
  • Ben Z.
  • Chris
  • Nick

I think that Nick will throw Shawn out of the running because he has the mental AND physical connection with Kaitlyn and Shawn may buckle under the pressure. Out of this list, I would pick Nick and Ben Z. as the final two.

At the tail end of the show, we see an update on Britt and Brady. They’re still happy. Not sure when it was taped but they were on the beach and it definitely looked like L.A. Britt says she’s looking forward to introducing Brady to her parents. I don’t think it will last between them but I am happy Britt got something out of this deal.

Thanks for reading my Bachelorette 2015 recap! See you next week!


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  1. Your attention to detail is frightening and I love how you use it to point out production flaws and timeline gaffes. This weeks BLOG entry was loaded with extra, laugh out loud gems. Priceless!

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