Nick Viall gets emotional.
Nick Viall gets emotional.

Bachelorette 2015 Recap: Only 5 guys left?!

Nick gives an epic speech that I think any woman contemplating marrying a man would dream of hearing. It’s not just the words but the emotion behind them. He breaks down in tears in the middle of his speech:

“I told you over and over why I’m here and you are WORTH it. I’m terrified… it wasn’t easy last time and it’s not easy this time…” pause for some waterworks “…I guess where I get emotional is I spend time with you and I leave with this confidence but then I remember I was the over-confident guy and it just really makes me nervous and I’m scared to death. But like I said when I showed up, I know why I’m here. We want the same thing. When this is all over, if it’s us, I hope it’s for the rest of our lives…”

That earns Nick a major makeout session and Kaitlyn’s faith in him is restored. Not that he ever did anything to lose it. Kaitlyn’s assumptions will be the death of her if she’s not careful.

Next, Kaitlyn sits down with Shawn and tells him she regrets saying what she did in San Antonio and that things might have gone smoother between them if she hadn’t. She thinks they need to take a step back. Uh… yeah.

The Rose Ceremony

Kaitlyn: “I don’t want to lose Shawn but how do I tell someone I care so much about I’ve done something that will hurt him? He can’t handle anymore.”

If he can’t handle it, how is he going to handle being in a relationship with you? The fact that you slept with Nick while you and Shawn were potentially starting your marital journey together isn’t going to go away.

Nick and Jared have roses from last week, Joe has a rose from this week. There are three left to hand out:

  1. Ben H.
  2. Chris (WTF? This means Ben Z. or Shawn is going home. My final four just blew up.)
  3. Shawn

I did not see Ben Z. going home before Joe at all. Maybe it was that sucker fish kiss that sealed his fate.


The next day, the guys are off to another town in Ireland called “Killarney”. Jared gets to ride up with Kaitlyn on a “date”. The rest of the guys ship off to the hotel on a bus.

Jared and Kaitlyn go to Blarney castle to kiss the Blarney stone. In order to kiss the Blarney stone, you have to hang off the edge of the castle wall a little bit and kiss the stone that’s mounted to the bottom of a castle overhang. I’m pretty sure Kaitlyn did this when she first arrived in Ireland so why the hell is she freaking out now? Oh, right. Because they shot it out of order.

Jared: “I got lucky in Ireland.”

Not as lucky as Nick did.

On the bus, Shawn manages to speak several civil words to Nick: “I don’t know how you can do this two times. I can barely do this once.”

Nick (AWKWARD): “I don’t know.”

Kaitlyn gets comfortable in the castle she gets to stay at: “I feel like things are back on track and nothing can go wrong.” BWA HA HA HA!

Harrison’s Hiroshima

No sooner does Kaitlyn get cozy than we see Chris Harrison climbing the steps to her chambers to theme music  strikingly similar to that of the movie “Jaws”.

Chris breaks the news that there’s about to be a major twist and justifies it by saying that too many of the guys have had off-camera time already and some of her other relationships need to get “up to speed” before going into hometowns which will be accomplished by giving her time with them in the fantasy suites.

This week, she’s going to send half her guys home so there will be no final four and no hometowns. They’re going straight to the fantasy suites.

She will only meet the families of the final two guys. Remember what I said about it being suspicious that Kaitlyn told Shawn if he made it to final two, she’d be meeting someone else’s family?

Bomb officially dropped. No wonder they stretched the last episode over two weeks. They’re skipping an episode. I don’t know what happened to cause production to break format like this but I don’t think it’s to get all the relationships “up to speed”.

The next day, Chris H. let’s the guys know and brings a date card for Cupcake.

Cupcake’s One-On-One

Chris and Kaitlyn take a spectacular helicopter tour of the coast of Ireland and land on the cliffs of Moher to have a picnic. If I could have a castle anywhere in the world, it would be on cliffs like these:

Cliffs of Moher – ©2015

It was nice of Kaitlyn to bring Chris to such a scenic spot just to give him the boot. I know he’s going to get the boot because there are only 8 minutes left in the show.

Kaitlyn tells him he checks off all the boxes but there must be something wrong with her because she’s just not feeling it. He’s probably not either. I think he needs to find a nice bear to settle down with.

Cupcake: “I think she’s wrong. She deserves a lifetime of happiness and I’m not sure she’s ready to find that yet. Just looking at her, she’s a mess.”

Cupcake then promptly dissolves into a fit of girl tears a little too close to the cliff’s edge for my liking. I would have been okay with J.J. falling over but Chris is a sweet guy despite his parting tantrum.

Next Week’s Promo

Kaitlyn might come clean to at least Shawn about banging Nick. Shawn and Nick are going to have a fight (sweet!). Shawn is going to stop the next rose ceremony to talk to Kaitlyn. It looks like neither Nick nor Shawn has a rose when he stops the ceremony and that Kaitlyn only has one left which would mean only one of them would get the rose. This could be just an editing trick though. He probably stops her before she hands out any roses.

My predictions for final 3:

  • Nick
  • Jared (I am now forced to admit Kaitlyn has a connection with him)
  • Ben H.

If Shawn behaves, he’ll replace Ben H. My picks for final two are Jared and Nick.

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See you next week!


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  1. One of my favorite parts of this BLOG is when production gaffes are found and noted. Especially when they are minute and likely slip by most people. And as one can always rely on, the commentary is priceless.

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