Bachelorette 2017 – Episode 2 and 3 Recap

The BIP Situation

This is what I have heard about why production was shut down on BIP. They were maybe a couple of days into filming when Corinne and DeMario got shit-faced and did dirty, dirty deeds in the hot tub.

One of the producers felt Corinne was too drunk to consent to sexual activity (oral sex, there was no penetration) and filed a formal complaint. To the rest of the cast and crew, it seemed that Corinne, while drunk, was at least lucid enough to know she was doing dirty, dirty deeds  and was not comatose or blacked out or anything like that which would lead one to use the R word.

The next day, Corinne heard about what she did in the hot tub and said she did not consent to sexual activity in the hot tub with DeMario. Word spread to the Mexican tourism board and they kicked everyone out. Corinne has since lawyered up.

I do not know how much of that is true. That is what I’ve read.

I have a huge bone to pick just in general about “being too drunk to consent”. I will be the first person to listen to a woman if she says she was raped but participating in sexual activity with a man that you wouldn’t be sexual with when sober is not rape. That’s called making bad decisions while under the influence of alcohol.

It is not the responsibility of men to examine you, decide for you that your consensual sexual activities are the result of too much alcohol, and then fend off your advances ESPECIALLY if they are also too drunk to make good decisions.

If a man is sober and a woman is willing due to alcohol consumption and he takes advantage of the moment, well, that guy is a douche but it’s not rape.

If a woman is basically unconscious from alcohol and men take advantage of her that IS rape. But that’s not what happened on BIP from what I’ve heard. Nowhere close to that.

And let’s not forget what show Corinne and DeMario signed up for. You can call it Bachelor in Paradise or you can call it The Drinking and F*cking game. It doesn’t matter. These people know what they’re signing up for and they need to take responsibility for themselves. Putting alcohol down your throat is a choice, not an obligation.

So if you don’t want to get too involved in The Drinking and F*cking Game, maybe put the bottle down so you have the capacity to make halfway decent decisions particularly when it comes to the f*cking part.

And if you’re an alcoholic and CAN’T put the bottle down, you need to not put yourself in a situation where there is lots of free alcohol. You need to seek medical treatment. You need to detox your body and seek psychological treatment to address the root cause of your addictive behavior.

The moral of the story is if you don’t want to make bad decisions about what you do with your body, don’t impair your judgment to the point where you don’t know a good decision from a bad one.

If what I have heard is true, DeMario should sue the shit out of ABC. First, they dragged him through the mud over cheating on his ex. He could have survived that. But how is he supposed to go out into the world and show his face and make a living when people think he’s a rapist?

Sorry to anyone who thinks black men in this country don’t have it harder than other people but they do. I don’t see how his life isn’t totally ruined by this one stupid franchise in the span of two weeks over the cheating and the rape implication.

Being a jerk doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have opportunities to succeed and better yourself.

But I’m afraid that’s what will happen to DeMario if people think he raped Corinne.

I also don’t know if ABC will be able to recover the entire franchise if they can’t keep this thing under wraps. If Corinne sues ABC and details about what happens on The Bachelor franchise behind the scenes gets out, it’s game over. I know we all like the show but I think we also know in the back of our minds when we’re watching it that these people are being manipulated and abused in order to get the drama out of them.

ABC is going to have to give Corinne a sufficient enough amount of money to keep her mouth shut or the whole franchise could go up in flames.

UPDATE: DeMario has also lawyered up and is suing someone – not sure who yet. He was fired from his job already because of f*cking gossip and has been harassed incessantly because of this story. That’s what happens when you’re a black man in America. You are tried, convicted, and hung by the court of public opinion before you ever set foot in a courtroom.

I ask all of you reading this to allow this situation to go to court and be resolved there where the judge and lawyers will have access to the tapes to see what really happened. Give DeMario the chance to be innocent until proven guilty like you would one of your friends or family members. Stay open-minded and don’t judge.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!


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4 thoughts on “Bachelorette 2017 – Episode 2 and 3 Recap

  1. So, the newest update on the BNP situation… Warner Brothers investigated, and the show is back on. They found no sign at all that there was anything inappropriate happening. And what people are failing to talk about when they talk about this whole thing is… DEMARIO was just as shit-faced as CORRINE. So, if you think about it that way, how is it considered rape. They were both drunk out of their minds, and doing things because of that. Corrine calling him out as a possible rapist because she was drunk is ridiculous. He could just as EASILY and just as JUSTLY cry the same thing. It goes both ways. Men rape women, and even though it is a rare event, women rape men. So, I think they both need to buck up and say Shit, we messed up.

    Anyway, rant completed! It hurt my head even listening to the math talk. My brain went into hiding. BUT I very much enjoy the recap. I didn’t even think about that when Peter said he hadn’t thought of sex with her. This is why I need you! To keep me straight!

    • Hi, Jaime.

      I heard the news about BIP just after I posted this recap. I’m glad the show will be back on. I don’t want to group all millenials into one general category but there is certainly a segment of them that are histrionic and can only see things in black and white terms. Like if a woman is too drunk to consent, she’s definitely been raped. There are no gray areas, no nuance, no context. I suspect that the producer who cried rape was young and Corinne, well, she’s definitely young and definitely doesn’t take responsibility for her actions. It doesn’t surprise me that she called herself a “victim” in her statement to the press.

      I agree with you that they’re both responsible for what they did. If they don’t like what they did, maybe don’t drink so much.

      It’s funny that the math talk hurt your head. I didn’t even talk about math. I just said the word “math”. It’s sad the way math is taught in this country. Math is easy and natural to the human mind but because we don’t teach it right, people are terrified of it. I used to be but then I realized the problem I was having was that my math foundation was weak. Math is challenging because you have to remember everything you learned about it in order to learn more. Once I decided I could do math, it was a breeze. I was even going to be a theoretical mathematician. I got sick and became disabled before I could get my Bachelor’s.

      Your brain can come out of hiding now. 😛

      Yeah, the thing with Peter was weird to me.

      Thanks for your feedback and support! 🙂

  2. Great recap! Peter only said that b/c he was trying to be a gentleman. I did like how he didn’t blurt out “me three” when Ellen was asking about the kissing. He didn’t brag or kiss-and-tell and I hope Rachel noticed that. Yes, he held up his “I have” sign when the kissing question was asked, but I liked that he didn’t say it. He’s one of my faves, along with Dean and Bryce? Bryan? One of those 2. I don’t like Juan Pablo 2.0 at all.

    The French Adam doll is popping up all over the place – it’s hilarious.

    I also heard BiP was back on – yay! Corinne & DeMario probably won’t be on but I don’t care, I love the summer’s guiltiest pleasure!

    • Hey, Jen.

      I hope you’re right that Peter was trying to be a gentleman because it would just be weird otherwise.

      Dean is a cutie. Bryce is the fireman. Bryan is the only person I can imagine you calling Juan Pablo 2.0. That’s funny. I haven’t made up my mind about him yet. I can’t tell if he sincerely cares about Rachel or he’s just a sexual guy. He’ll probably be in the final 4 though and possibly the final 2 so you’re going to endure him for a while 😛

      I’m sure Bryce is a nice guy but he looks like a werewolf to me so it’s hard for me to look at him. He’s very quiet too. I like guys who talk a lot. Probably because I’m an introvert. Introverts and extroverts tend to be drawn to their opposites. You might be an extrovert if you like quiet guys.

      Yes, BIP is back on! So glad! I will miss Corinne and DeMario because they’re such clever villains but hopefully, they’ll find some other people to fill those roles.

      I love French Adam. He’s such a stalker.

      Thanks for your feedback and support! 🙂

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