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Bachelorette Finale 2015: And the winner is…

Not much to report on who the winner is in this Bachelorette Finale recap for season 11. Kaitlyn chose Shawn.

It’s no secret that I’m no fan of Shawn. Last year, I was mad at Andi Dorfman for picking Josh and hurting Nick on national TV. But I guess I like Kaitlyn more than I like Andi so I don’t hate her. Kaitlyn made her choice. I don’t think it will last more than a few months but if she wasn’t feeling it with Nick, she wasn’t feeling it.

I don’t understand how anyone could not be feeling it with Nick but to each his own. Maybe it’s just that I’m a total nerd, a simultaneous cynic and hopeless romantic, I’m honest and open about sex (and pretty much everything else relating to the human condition), and I like people who are like me, or seem to be based on what I can gather of them from a reality TV show.

I finally went on Reality Steve’s website to check out the dish he had on the season and there wasn’t much there of interest. Looks like the season got spoiled when Kaitlyn and Shawn posted a video of themselves in bed together on SnapChat. I think videos only last for 10 seconds or so on SC but I guess enough people were paying attention and on the ball enough to record it and leak it to the masses. Also, Ben H. is definitely the next Bachelor. Something I called in week 1? 2? Sometimes it pays to have women’s intuition over cold hard evidence since Reality Steve didn’t seem to know until much later in the game.

I was surprised how cruel RS was to Kaitlyn (especially) and Nick both of whom I’m fond of. I have a love/hate relationship with Reality Steve. He did inspire me to blog about the show and I’ve had some interesting interactions with him but there is a coldness to him. There’s a point at which a person can be too jaded and I think he rides that edge a lot.

I know the Bachelor/ette franchise is a reality show and that a lot of it is manipulated by production but the people on the show are real people with feelings. I mean I guess I have to be a hypocrite in criticizing him because I have mocked people on the show too, but even the people I don’t particularly like, I don’t despise or doubt their very humanity.

He makes it seem as if Nick is some kind of subhuman who only went on the show to improve his image in the eyes of the world. Well, if that was what Nick was trying to do, it sure didn’t work. I think it’s still a 50/50 split between those who love Nick and those who hate him going by what I see on Twitter. Could it be that he actually went on the show because he was really into Kaitlyn? Because if he just wanted any girl, the boy would have no problem swimming in p*ssy for the rest of his life if that’s all he cared about. Andi’s season more than provided that opportunity.

I have zero doubt that his entrance mid-season was planned prior to the beginning of the season and RS provided ample evidence to support that theory but I don’t think Nick would have agreed if it weren’t Kaitlyn. In fact, I think he would have been there night one if he could have and if it weren’t for the fact that they had two Bachelorettes and they had to make it seem like he and production didn’t already know that Kaitlyn was going to be The Bachelorette.

I guess Kaitlyn got wind of some of what RS said about her and wasn’t happy about it. He mocked her laugh and portrayed her as a shallow egomaniac. If I’d known he was being so mean to her this season, I wouldn’t have linked to him in all my posts. It was not my intention to promote hate toward her or Nick or really anyone. So sorry for that.

I wanted to blog about the show for one season to get a feel for it and I have. It was a good experience for me but it has also been brutal. I didn’t get a lot of traffic to my site and I spent hours writing my posts which I really can’t afford as a sick person. I can’t be as ruthless as Reality Steve because I can’t view people on TV as mere HD projections without real feelings but I can’t be as nice as some other female bloggers because 1) I do have a background in entertainment and I know we are being manipulated by edits and by the narratives ABC wants us to buy into and 2) I’m too blunt. I have a dirty mouth and a sharp tongue and that combination is not considered “ladylike” in the eyes of our society.

So I really don’t know if I have it in me to keep blogging about this franchise. I don’t really have the time or energy to keep it up, I don’t want to mock people if it might potentially hurt people’s feelings (not that anyone really reads this blog but it’s the principle of the thing), and I can’t pretend this show and most of the people on it aren’t full of sh*t most of the time.

I guess if someone asks me to blog about it, I will. If not, I’m content to let the Reality Steves and Ali Fedotowskys of the world cover this show.

My final thoughts are for Nick: my heart goes out to you for getting your heart broken twice on this show. Despite your proclamation of being a national joke after being kicked to the curb a second time, you aren’t to a lot of people. Take care and don’t go back for round three. If not to spare yourself, then to spare your mother. I don’t think her heart could take it.

Café Emily out.


2 thoughts on “Bachelorette Finale 2015: And the winner is…

  1. As a reader, it has been a rewarding venture. What keeps your writing far from the label of “cruelty” is that there is an element to your writing that indicates an affection for the material and the “reality” of the people involved. The snark comes across much like the humor of a Don Rickles or a Lisa Lampinelli, both of which poke fun without malice behind their barbs. It takes a keen eye to re-cap an entire show and yet skewer the precise moments that are ripe for observational humor or parody. Your voice, whether read by many or few, was truly worth hearing. (applause)

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