Acceptance Letter to University of Illinois Springfield
Acceptance Letter to University of Illinois Springfield

I Just Got Accepted to University of Illinois as a Computer Science Major!

I am over the moon about this but I am also at a major crossroads in my life. I applied for a scholarship that would have paid for my college education but I didn’t get it. I was a semi-finalist but semi-finalists get $0 for college.

I am permanently disabled but I really want a Bachelor’s degree. This is the only university in the nation that offers a completely online Computer Science program. I’ll never be able to pay back the student loans. I’m poor as dirt.

It seems like I’ve been fighting my whole adult life to get this degree and yet now when I’ve finally found myself in a position to potentially get it, I’m hesitating. The bottom line is my bottom line: I need money, not debt.

I already have 4 associate degrees and 5 years of programming and web development experience which I could use to potentially harness the power of the internet as a tool for climbing my way out of poverty. Writing is my greatest joy but will it ever pay the bills? Could a blog with scattered topics ever take off to the point that I could make enough money to live and save up for retirement? Maybe not but one thing it won’t do is put me in debt.

I really am torn about this decision. I can’t go to school and blog. I don’t have the energy. I have to choose…

Any thoughts?

UPDATE: Some of my readers have been visiting this post so I wanted to let any interested party know that I declined UIS’s offer of admission. The program was a bad fit for me as was the school.


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