Nick Viall is the new bachelor
Nick Viall is the next Bachelor.
Nick Viall is the new bachelor
Nick Viall is the next Bachelor.

New Bachelor Announced – Special Report

New Bachelor Announced – Yep, I’m Excited.

There’s a new crown prince of Bachelor royalty and his name is Nick Viall. (In case you didn’t watch After Paradise Tuesday night, Nick is the new Bachelor.)

It’s hard to describe the level of excitement mixed with inner conflict I felt upon hearing the news that Nick will be our next Bachelor.

I literally jumped up and cheered (I think I know now what it feels like when your team wins the Super Bowl) at the same time a little bit of my heart died. I know this is going to be fantastic television but at the same time, I am finding it very difficult to see Nick as the same person whose heartbreak I shared two summers ago when he was rejected by Andi and scorned by the nation for being “different.”

The part of me that wanted Nick to be an iconoclast who prized love above befriending men who competed for the same woman he did and boldly asked her on national television why “she made love with him if she didn’t love him”  and seemed to be the very same sort of unconventional/outcast soul that I am, is disappointed and disillusioned.

If he really cared so much about finding love, why doesn’t he just do it? He is a famous and desirable reality TV star. He’s attractive, he has a good family, and, as far as I know, he has a good job. He does not need to go on television to find love. And no matter how much I like of what I see of Nick on TV, I simply cannot escape that very REAL reality.

Some of you may recall, I denounced Nick for returning to the franchise and called him out for being a fame whore. I now see that this was the only way he could ever become a lead and I no longer believe that Nick went on Bachelor in Paradise with the intention of finding love. I think the ABC producers saw an opportunity to give Nick his own season and they went for it.

Why Do I Think This?

First, we had two weak candidates from Jojo’s season to become the next Bachelor. Nick, whether you love him or hate him, sucks you into his story. He’s attractive, articulate, confident, and (seemingly) humble. Luke was the best option from Jojo’s season but now that we’ve been watching Nick all summer, do any of us really remember him?

How anticlimactic would it have been to have invested so much of our energy into Nick this summer and then find out that some guy we mostly liked from a season we barely remember now was going to be the Bachelor?

Second, Nick said after Kaitlyn’s season that he “had no plans” to return to the franchise again and subtly snubbed the notion of being on BIP but there was an implication that he would return if he were given his own season. I do think he is trying to capitalize on his fame but he’s anything but dumb.

Nick had to know that it would appear to everyone that he was desperate for the limelight if he went on BIP as a regular contestant looking for the scraps from this year’s Bachelor/ette seasons. So he probably agreed under the condition that there was a good possibility that he would get the lead.

How they framed Nick so that he could transition from BIP to The Bachelor:

It had to seem that BIP was now for the “cool kids” too so the producers couldn’t send Nick in all by himself. They had to bring in another heavyweight so Nick wouldn’t be devalued. Enter Josh Murray, another person in the big leagues of the franchise who just happens to be Nick’s nemesis from two years ago.

It probably wasn’t hard to get Josh to agree to go on the show by telling him he would have the opportunity to repair his image after the damage Andi’s book did to him. (You don’t think the twins came up with that idea out of thin air, do you? I do think Josh genuinely loves Amanda though but I’m not gonna get into that in this post. If I recap this week, I’ll get into it but I may not have time because I just started school online. But I thought it was important to discuss the Bachelor announcement because it’s huge.)

With Josh on the show, Nick’s perceived value was not decreased. In fact, they flipped their own script from Andi’s season where Nick was the villain and Josh the romantic hero. I thought Josh was a tool from the moment he opened his mouth but that’s the story they tried to sell us. So now, Nick looks like the romantic hero and Josh looks like the villain.

By pitting Nick and Josh against each other the way they did, Josh’s aggressiveness and egoism was the perfect foil for Nick’s calm reasoning and humility. Nick came off looking like a shiny new penny and I’m sure there were many people who doubted Andi’s judgment in choosing Josh over Nick which, to an extent, discredited her rejection of Nick.

Let’s recall he was rejected twice. You discredit one of the rejections and then he was only rejected once for real (not counting Amanda who still cared for Nick greatly after rejecting him) and anyone could say that one rejection might just have been due to individual preference.

I wasn’t completely surprised when Nick was chosen to be the Bachelor.

I started to think it was a real possibility that Nick would be the next Bachelor when he was sitting alone on the beach the night before Jen arrived in Paradise and he gave the long-winded monologue about how he had been searching for love for a long time but just hadn’t found it yet. That to me was was more than just foreshadowing of Jen’s arrival on the show. That was a Bachelor audition.

But I doubted myself because that’s crazy, right? No one has ever transitioned from a summer show to become the lead of the next season. However, I also wasn’t kidding when I said several times that there seemed to be a plan in place to make Nick look like a “mensch” and, more recently, if they kept it up, he was going to be the Bachelor. I posted this image in Monday’s recap, a mere 24 hours before Nick was announced:


It really looked that way to me. I don’t know if I have a sixth sense but I do know that I’m a storyteller and I can see with near crystal clarity when I’m being fed a narrative.

This summer, I was being told the story of a man who is flawed and yet yearns for love, who was once a villain but has now redeemed himself, who has matured before our collective eyes, and is now worthy of finding the love he has sought for so long.

That story does not end in heartbreak. It’s a hero’s journey: from folly to disgrace, onward to redemption, and ultimately to glory. This is a fairy tale so you can look forward to the happy ending in March. There will be one.

Does that mean any of it is real?

No. But it’s the story a lot of us want to hear and so the ABC gods shall provide.

But what about Amanda and Jen? Didn’t Nick like them? Didn’t he propose to Jen?

Nick fell for Andi, an assistant district attorney who basically told Juan Pablo to go f*ck himself after a bad night in the fantasy suite. Then he fell for Kaitlyn, an unapologetic carefree spirit with a foul mouth and a wicked sense of humor. Both were “big personalities”, the kind of women Nick claims to go for. Does that sound like AMANDA???

Then there’s Jen. I like Jen a lot. I said early on during this season of BIP that she was the only one I would approve of Nick getting engaged to (like he needs my permission) because she’s intelligent, self-aware, humble, and has what I call a regal bearing. She carries herself with class and grace and it’s completely innate and genuine. But there weren’t exactly sparks flying between them, were there? Jen accused Nick of shutting down several times. Nick liked her but said she lacked the big personality he usually went after.

Was that really going to be the romantic engagement we would have wanted for Nick? Not really.

All of that combined with the knowledge that Nick likely agreed to be on BIP because the Bachelor gig carrot was dangled before his nose begs the question of whether he led Amanda and Jen on or not. My guess is he probably did to some extent.

I don’t think Nick was heartbroken over Amanda by any stretch and Jen certainly seemed to think he was checked out of their relationship. I think he had more of a connection with Jen but maybe the reason he wasn’t settling into their relationship is because he knew if he played his cards right, he’d become the lead.

I don’t know why Nick proposed to Jen or why he cried when she rejected him if he didn’t feel something for her but did you notice how unaffected he was after the announcement was made that he was the new Bachelor? He said something like, “Jen’s great but…” and then shrugged it off as Michelle Collins continued to ply him with praise and questions.

The rejected proposal seemed not to matter much to him. Maybe we’ll find out more next week when they show us what happened.

How I feel about Nick now that I’ve bought into this conspiracy theory:

If the theory I’ve proposed sounds far-fetched to you, recall that Nick took a leave of absence from his job in Chicago before Kaitlyn’s season started because Kaitlyn was chosen by the ABC producers over Britt to be 2015’s Bachelorette before they even started filming (info courtesy of Reality Steve).

Nick could have been on Kaitlyn’s season on night one but then it would have seemed strange for him to show up in the HOPES that the guys would choose Kaitlyn over Britt, wouldn’t it? Not to mention it would add to the drama to have Nick crash the show mid-season.

So, yeah, I think the theory I’ve concocted about Nick’s journey from BIP to Bachelor is entirely possible and likely. The ABC producers don’t do things on a whim. They didn’t just wake up one day while in talks with Luke to be the Bachelor and think, “Hey, Nick deserves this. Let’s give him the gig instead.” They are a bunch of calculating b*tches (male and female).

I said when I found out Nick was going to be on BIP that I was disappointed in him for slumming it for Twitter followers. I no longer think he was slumming it but I definitely can’t deny that he’s something of a fame whore because what else CAN you call what he’s doing when he probably has women tripping all over themselves to get to him in the real world?

But at least I can say now that he’s a self-respecting fame whore which I couldn’t see when BIP started.

If Nick led Amanda or Jen on, I don’t like it but it doesn’t seem like either of them were hurt by the outcome.

From where I sit, Nick is poised to become the most famous person in the history of this franchise and one of the most beloved. He’s the only person to have ever made it to the final two on a regular season twice. He’s the only person to have ever entered a regular season halfway through and be accepted by the lead. And now he’s the only person to have risen from the ashes of a summer show to the triumph of being a lead during a regular season.

I wonder if ABC will ever be able to top this. I’m pretty sure Bachelor nation collectively lost its sh*t Tuesday night when they heard the news. Did Twitter crash?

But I digress. It’s very hard for me to not like Nick no matter his fascination with the glam sham of Hollywood. He’s unique, intelligent, and charismatic in his own understated, introverted way. I hope one day he gets over his obsession with being in the limelight and returns to real life with a greater understanding of what’s truly important in life because what he’s pursuing now isn’t it.

So regardless of the mistakes I see him making, I’m still going to enjoy watching his season. I had honestly considered not blogging about the show anymore because it requires so much of my time and energy but if you like my blog, you can thank Nick Viall for saving it. There’s no way I’m not going to blog about his season.

And in case any of you wonder, as I do, what Nick is really like and if he’s sincere, let’s not forget this video. I don’t know if it will really answer your questions but it’s the only known footage of Nick when he didn’t know a camera was on him. This is Nick on the plane home after getting rejected by Andi. He’s talking to a friend or family member about what happened during her season:

It’s hard to make out everything he’s saying but he seems pretty level-headed. I don’t know if he actually is but I like to think I’m a pretty good judge of character. It really doesn’t take more than a few words or actions for me to get the gist of who someone is even if I don’t know the specifics about them.

I thought there was more to this video than I saw in the clip I posted originally so I went digging to see what I missed. I remembered a part where Nick was trashing Josh. At the time, everyone accused Nick of being a jealous dick for his comments about Josh but the things he said about Josh seemed totally believable to me. Looking back on the video now, it seems like an even more accurate description of Josh after watching him on BIP (except for the part where Josh would do whatever Andi wanted. Ha!).

************************END UPDATE*************************

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that I may not be able to recap this week because I’m taking some classes this semester and school started before BIP ended. This article took longer than expected so I’m probably not going to be able to do a recap too. For those of you who aren’t Nick fans, sorry if I bored you by dedicating this week’s post entirely to him. For those of you who are, I hope I didn’t sully your mental image of him.

I haven’t gotten to responding to your comments from last week and this week. It is at the top of my list of things to do. I’m aiming for tomorrow. You guys are super important to me. I really mean that. I never take your comments or emails for granted and I really appreciate the human contact even if it’s only through my computer screen.

I feel bad when I’m late responding but life is crazy. I love all of you.


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12 thoughts on “New Bachelor Announced – Special Report

  1. I feel bad that I’ve never commented or reached out to you because I really enjoy reading your blog, and I don’t want to take it for granted. It’s actually the only blog that I read; I found it during Ben’s season when I googled “picture of Olivia’s mouth” to show a friend and the photo you posted of that doll that looked like her came up. Anyways, I was intrigued and after reading that week’s recap I was hooked. I’ve always watched this show alone but whenever I’ve talked to friends about it they don’t seem to read between the lines, they just take the producer’s storyline for truth. To be honest, the whole reason the show is so interesting to me is the stuff that goes on behind what is shown to us. The whole concept of reality TV just fascinates me. This is why I’m always waiting to hear your opinion, I find your blog extremely perceptive. It’s come to the point that when I watch the show I think, “Hmmmm, i wonder what Emily thinks of this person?” because you have often changed my perspective on many people and situations. When I saw that Nick was announced as bachelor my thoughts were OMG CAFE EMILY IS GONNA LOVE THIS SEASON I CANT WAIT TO HEAR WHAT SHE THINKS! So I wanted to make sure that this week I finally reached out and I am also very happy that you did dedicate a post to what you think of Nick being the next lead (I especially appreciated the video, it was very interesting). Anyways, I would like to hear what you think of Amanda and Josh because I am slightly on the fence about my feelings and it would be cool to hear your opinion (I just can’t picture Josh with two young kids??) but if you aren’t up to it I completely understand, just please know that your writing is something that brings joy to more people than you know 🙂 Thank you so so much!

    • That is so great, Julia. I’m really touched. Thank you for finally breaking your silence to talk to me.

      I didn’t have time for a recap but I’ll let you know what I think of the Josh/Amanda situation: I think Josh needs a very submissive, gentle woman to be with. This is why he and Andi would never have worked out. He and Amanda have a chance but only if Josh can evolve a little. He’s too self-centered, too aggressive right now. If he doesn’t change his ways, he’ll lose Amanda eventually.

      I honestly thought he was more genuine while he was screaming at everyone than I have ever seen him. And I thought he had a right to be angry. The show tried to paint him as a crazed maniac but someone was trying to sabotage his relationship with someone he loved. I do think Josh loves Amanda and that is why he got so upset. Naturally, he blamed Nick. He and Nick are very different people. Josh is primitive. Nick is intellectual. They’re never going to be friends. I know because I’m an intellectual and I find primitive people obnoxious and primitive people find me obnoxious.

      Nick was the cause of all evil on Andi’s season and Josh is unaware that the script has changed so he blamed Nick for causing drama when he was the one causing drama.

      I’m not worried that Amanda will be abused. I don’t think Josh is THAT bad. His true colors came out in the episode where he argued with Nick and that’s mild. People were squealing about how “aggressive” he was. Yeah, that’s nothing. I might not be as self-centered as Josh is and I have a long fuse but I’m a hell of a lot scarier than he is when I get angry. He’s a pussycat compared to some of the men I’ve dealt with in my time so I’m not worried for Amanda or her kids.

      It will probably get ugly at some point and Amanda will have to decide whether she wants to stick it out and Josh will have to decide if he has the capacity to accept responsibility for his outbursts.

      But it’s not quite the crisis situation they made it out to be on Paradise. Chad was the actually crazy one.

      I’m very glad I bring joy to you. Thank you so much! 🙂

  2. Don’t feel like you have to respond because I usually read your hilarious posts without responding! Like the above poster – I squealed with delight and then immediately thought of your reaction when Nick was announced. So excited for next season! Screw the rest of BIP now! Good luck in school!

    • “Screw the rest of BIP now!” LOL. That’s exactly what I thought when I heard Nick was The Bachelor. I do not care what happens now on BIP. I’m just waiting for January.

      Thank you for your feedback and support! 😀

  3. Thank you Nick, for saving the recaps! I would miss you too much, so thanks again Nick! And I am more excited for this upcoming season of the Bach than I have been in a REALLY long time. It is going to be a great one, folks! Thanks Emily, for working your butt off for us. Will miss you this week with a recap, but next week is right around the corner!

    • Hey, Jaime.

      I’m glad you enjoy my recaps so much. I am looking forward to Nick’s season.

      Unfortunately, school is still going and it was grueling last week. I will post something this week but it probably won’t be a lengthy blog.

      Thanks so much for your feedback and support! 😀

  4. SO incredibly excited to read yours and Sharleen’s recaps next season. Haven’t been this excited for the show in a while – I liked and respected Ben and Jojo but I cannot wait to see Nick in the driver’s seat.

    • Yeah, I really want to see what Sharleen has to say while her buddy is on the show.

      Definitely looking forward to seeing someone I actually find compelling as a human being as a lead. This has never happened before. I’m beside myself. How will I mock him? Will there ever be a dull episode? This is completely new territory for me. I can’t wait to dispense with the girls I find unworthy. I hope there are some real gems in the bunch this time. Someone more along the lines of Sharleen.

      Thanks for the feedback and support! 😀

  5. I agree with your assessment of producer interference… having said that, I can’t wait to see Nick as The Bachelor! I squealed with delight when he came out. I have always liked Nick. I like Luke as well, but I was worried Luke’s season might be a bit dull– just Luke being nice to every girl he meets. Say what you will about Nick, but he is Never boring. In the words of Chris Harrison, “This will be the Most Dramatic season in Bachelor history!”

    • I would have been cool with Luke’s season but I’m over the moon about Nick’s. I think every other season is going to pale in comparison after this. He is NEVER boring.

      I can’t wait. And, btw, why aren’t you writing about this show? You’re a prolific writer. I tweeted you about it. You should consider blogging about the show if it’s something you think might appeal to you.

      Thanks, Megan! 🙂

  6. I am also so excited to see Nick’s upcoming season! At first I couldn’t quite believe that ABC had picked him. When he was announced I was wondering about your reaction. It does all make sense now that I think of it. He really showed a different side on BIP and was very interesting and compelling to watch. January can’t come soon enough! Good luck with school Emily! Hope you keep recapping!

    • Thank you, Julie! I’m really looking forward to Nick’s season too! I will definitely recap Nick’s season. After that, we’ll have to see.

      Your comments and feedback are always much appreciated! 🙂

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