Bachelorette 2017 Finale


Hi, everyone. I’m writing right after watching the finale because I want to get everything out while I’m still in the throes of the emotion that seeing the ending caused. I have never said this before about a lead’s choice in the end but I genuinely believe that Rachel chose the wrong person. Most of … Read more

Bachelorette 2017 – Episode 7 8 9

The Only Guy Left Who Remotely Resembles Husband Material

Bachelorette 2017 – Episode 7 8 9 I’m running way behind on getting my blog posts out. I hope you guys get a chance to read this before the finale. I’m covering the last 3 episodes but I’m only going to comment briefly on The MTA at the end. Thank you, Vicki, Marla B, and … Read more

Bachelorette 2017 – Episode 4 5 6 Recap

The Reign of Lee

Bachelorette 2017 Episode 4 5 6 recap Hi, Guys. I’ve been dragging ass on blogging about this season. I did respond to everyone’s comments a couple of weeks ago. I’m sorry for the delay on that. I very much appreciate all your feedback and support. It really keeps me going. Honestly, I’m not finding a … Read more

Bachelorette 2017 – Episode 2 and 3 Recap


Bachelorette 2017 Episode 2 and 3 Recap Hi, guys. Sorry this is SOOOO late. I’m working on a pet project to solve several unsolved problems in mathematics and it takes up a lot of my free time. I’m not sure I’ll be successful but I’m learning WAY more about numbers than I ever knew before.  … Read more

Bachelorette 2017: Episode 1 Recap


Bachelorette 2017 Episode 1 Recap – Premiere Hey, Bachelor Nation. I’m back to write about Rachel’s season but I need to streamline what I write so there aren’t going to be as many images or GIFS. That takes up too much of my time. I hope all of you are well and enjoyed the off-season. … Read more

Bachelor 2017 Finale Recap


Bachelor 2017 Finale Recap Hi, Bachelor Nation. Sorry I’ve been AWOL the last few weeks. I got hit with a pretty bad virus and I just didn’t have the energy to do much of anything. School also started so that has been my priority when I wasn’t trying to just get through the day. I’m … Read more

Bachelor 2017 Recap: Episode 7

Is Corinne the only woman in history to make it to top four without a one-on-one?

Bachelor 2017 Recap Episode 7 Hi, everyone. I’m going to have to make this short because I’m running out of time to get the blog out before the new episode airs. The episode resumes the morning after Nick’s emotional meltdown due to cutting Danielle L. They are crestfallen and worried that Nick may quit the … Read more

Bachelor 2017 Recap: Episode 6

bachelor_bloodbath_week_6_feature bachelor 2017 recap episode 6
The cast is cut in half in a single episode.

Bachelor 2017 Recap Episode 6 Hello, Bachelor Nation. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor at the end of this episode. We lost half the cast but that’s not what really blew my mind. It was that Nick sent Danielle L. home. But first things first… The episode resumes with Taylor barging … Read more

Bachelor 2017 Recap: Episode 5

The two-on-one was in the cards for Taylor, Nick, and Corinne.

Bachelor 2017 Recap Episode 5 This week’s episode resumes where we left off last week in the middle of Taylor and Corinne’s cat fight to the death. I gotta admit, I’m not a violent person but I really wanted to punch Corinne in the face… A LOT. It’s not that I think Taylor handled the … Read more