Is Corinne the only woman in history to make it to top four without a one-on-one?
Is Corinne the only woman in history to make it to top four without a one-on-one?

Bachelor 2017 Recap: Episode 7

Bachelor 2017 Recap Episode 7

Hi, everyone.

I’m going to have to make this short because I’m running out of time to get the blog out before the new episode airs.

The episode resumes the morning after Nick’s emotional meltdown due to cutting Danielle L. They are crestfallen and worried that Nick may quit the show but we are right on track for where we should be in terms of how many girls are left so while the producers may be trying to throw us off, this is top 6 week. They just got down to top 6 through unconventional methods. This is how I knew in advance there would be no rose ceremony.

Chris Harrison, world-renowned psychoanalyst, sits down with Nick to talk about what Nick is going through. Chris smiles and nods with zero comprehension as Nick dissects his own psyche and past.

Chris: Be honest, are you ready to walk away from $100k, a solid two years of D-list fame, and a staggering social media following that you can use to gain profitable sponsorships all this?

Nick: If I’m being perfectly honest, there’s a part of me that does not want to be tied down to any of these women for the next two years and that’s what scares the hell out of me but I really don’t want to give up the money or the fame so I’m going to bite the bullet and put a ring on the finger of the woman least likely to give me crap about whoring and drinking while we’re engaged.

Nick returns to the women’s suite, lets them know he’s going to continue being the Bachelor (was there ever any doubt?), and that there will be no rose ceremony. They’re all going to Bimini.

Before Bimini announcement


After Bimini announcement

And all is right in girl world again.

Vanessa’s 2nd One-On-One

“Let’s go deeper. –Nick” (…Annnddd my mind is in the gutter.)

Corinne is not amused that Vanessa has gotten a second one-on-one before she got her first one. I don’t find myself saying this often but I’ve got to agree with Corinne on this. I really wish Nick had cut her before this point but if he likes her enough to bring her to the final 6, he should have been respectful and given her a one-on-one. Not even villains deserve to be led on.

It’s also scary that Nick is going to her hometown without ever having spent one-on-one time with her aside from the time she stole. A makeout session in a bouncy castle does not a relationship make.

Corinne is “frustrated and really bloated”.


Vanessa and Nick take a mini cruise on a yacht to check out an old ship wreck.

Vanessa: I’ve never been on a boat before.

Uh, did those vodka shots laced with moonshine and magic mushroom sweat cause you to completely black out the trip to the beach volleyball court last week? I do believe a catamaran is a seafaring vessel commonly referred to as a “boat”.

Nick and Vanessa have fairly effortless grownup conversations about love and relationships. It’s good to see adult talk on this show.

Back at the beach house that has been padded for Corinne’s protection while producers continue to prey on her deepest narcissistic fears by denying her time with Nick, Corinne decides that Rachel would be a good person to confide in about her rich white girl problems and her concerns about Vanessa’s compatibility with Nick.

Corinne:  I think Nick wants Vanessa to open up more but honestly, I’m not sure there’s much to open up about. All she ever talks about is being Italian and being a special needs teacher.  I mean she doesn’t seem like she has much depth.

Rachel’s actual reaction.

Yeah, because special needs teachers are notoriously shallow unlike 20-something princesses who live in Palm Beach in multi-million dollar beach homes and have nannies who cater to their every whim.

Meanwhile on the yacht, Vanessa and Nick are probably having the deepest conversation two people have ever had in the history of the Bachelor franchise but whatever gets Corinne through the day. That’s not to say it was an especially deep conversation but the bar for deep conversations is pretty low on this show.

Later in the evening, Vanessa and Nick have dinner on a random pier.

Vanessa: I know relationships aren’t easy but I feel like things with you are just easy and that’s one thing I said I wanted in my next relationship was for things to be easy.

So you know they aren’t easy but when you imagined your next relationship, you wanted it to be easy?


(I kid Vanessa. I know what she means but it sounded funny the way she said it. What she meant is she wanted someone it was easy to be with, where understanding and communication come almost effortlessly. It’s much easier to deal with the hard parts of a relationship if you have that foundation.)

Vanessa: P.S. I’m falling in love with you.

Cue sweeping music and a long, romantic kiss.

Nick (verbatim): “I’ve been in love before. I’ve fallen love in this environment before. I have said I love you in this environment before and I’m not ashamed and I don’t take it back but I’m looking for the type of love I’ve never had before. And I do believe even though I’ve been in love before and I’ve had some great loves of my life, that there is a greater love for me. I really, really like you. A lot.

It is incredibly important to me if I’m lucky enough to feel love or say I love you in this role, I only say it to one person. I’ve never dated multiple women before. I’ve never grown relationships with multiple women before and so I’m taking it slow and I’m glad I am because if I’m lucky enough to say I love you, I want to feel in a way that I’m saying it for the first time. I’m leading with my heart with you.”

Vanessa was disheartened by this speech but there’s a reason I didn’t mess with it and it’s because I think it’s probably the best thing Nick could have said. It was honest and considerate.

Ben said “I love you” to two women and ended up breaking one of their hearts. It was thoughtless and inconsiderate. Nick hasn’t made up his mind yet which woman he’s going to propose to but I think it’s obvious that he believes Vanessa is someone he might pick because he wouldn’t have considered saying it back if he weren’t feeling something akin to being in love with her.

Vanessa is upset because she thought Nick would give her a different response than he would give to the other women because she feels their relationship is on a different level but she doesn’t have the benefit of seeing what happened when Danielle L. confessed to falling in love with him: he sent her home.

Nick doesn’t want to lead Vanessa on but at the same time he doesn’t want to discourage her affections because he can picture himself with her.

Raven ALSO told Nick she was falling in love with him and did not receive so grand a speech as Vanessa did (he actually said nothing in response to Raven) but again, Vanessa doesn’t know this. The thing she claimed to want, the different response than he gave other women, she actually got.

Whatever ends up happening, I think it’s safe to say that Nick is taking his relationship with Vanessa very seriously. He doesn’t want to hurt her and he doesn’t want to discourage her. There’s not much else a lead on this show can do other than remain silent. But Nick obviously felt he could be open and honest about the position he was in with regard to how he felt about Vanessa and THAT IS DIFFERENT.

So, Vanessa, darling, remember that thing you said about knowing relationships aren’t easy but that you wanted a relationship that was easy? Here is the true test of your ability to handle the hard part of a relationship that feels effortless: You must be able to hear and appreciate your partner’s truth even if it wasn’t what you wanted him to say.

And, technically, Nick did say “I love you” three times. I’m not saying it was code but I’m not saying it wasn’t. That’s not a speech you just pull out of your ass. He’d thought about those words before he said them.

Next Up: The Three-On-One, Danielle’s One-On-One, Rachel’s One-On-One


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  1. “but I really don’t want to give up the money or the fame so I’m going to bite the bullet and put a ring on the finger of the woman least likely to give me crap about whoring and drinking while we’re engaged”…..This was too funny!!!! Loved the entire “conversation” between Nick and Chris.

    Thank you for your recap!

    • Hey, Cynthia.

      Thank you for your feedback! I’m glad I could make you laugh.

      I got your tarot card reading request. I’m making my way through them but they’re a lot of work.

      Thanks! 🙂

  2. I have two favorites tonight for you…

    You’re not a boat bangle, child. Nick’s looking for a wife (allegedly), not the latest trend in yacht accessories. PICTURE INCLUDED!

    Back at the beach house that has been padded for Corinne’s protection while producers continue to prey on her deepest narcissistic fears by denying her time with Nick, Corinne decides that Rachel would be a good person to confide in about her rich white girl problems and her concerns about Vanessa’s compatibility with Nick.

    Almost had to change my britches twice!

    Most importantly, thank you for my shout out.. I am loving the f*&k off van…. Oh.SO.MUCH! As always, you the best ever!

    • Hey, Jaime.

      Glad I could make you laugh. It makes this whole crazy blog idea worthwhile.

      No, YOU’RE the best ever. 😛

      Thank you, Jaime. Your support and feedback is much appreciated. 🙂

  3. HI Emily I enjoy your blog and feel that since I have been reading it for awhile I ought to tell you so! I am a mental health therapist and the show intrigues me with all the dysfunction and drama LOL. I really like all your metaphors, observations etc—-I feel it enhances my viewing pleasure… 🙂

    • Hi, Susan.

      Thank you for writing to let me know that you enjoy my blog. I really like to know the people who are reading my blog so don’t be shy.

      I’m glad I can enhance the Bachelor experience for you.

      Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  4. Cringey Corinne gets even more likeable next episode, a bit of overacting but its shocking you can tell he actually likes him

    • Hey, DG.

      I saw Corinne on Jimmy Kimmel and she seemed really demure and quiet. It makes me wonder how much of what happened on the show was her and how much was alcohol. She didn’t seem like the same person.

      Yes, I could tell Corinne actually liked Nick. I’m glad my instincts were right though and that he wasn’t seeing her as a serious possibility as a wife. I think she got to hometowns solely because of Raquel.

      As always, thank you for the feedback! Really appreciate it 🙂

  5. Hi Emily,
    I’ve been in a bit of a funk the last few weeks so didn’t get to this recap until today. If I had read your blog when you posted it I am sure I would’ve been back to my old self sooner. So many great lines, a number of belly laughs, and your writing style is excellent.

    My favorite line was “you’re not a boat bangle, child”, On point! The entire recap was one of my favorites. I love how your mind works. If I was a magical fairy god-mother I would make your body as fine as your mind. But will send healing thoughts to you every day.

    Your health comes first and if you must stop, then I am sure all of your fans would miss your wonderful recaps, but would still want you to do whatever you have to do to get better and stronger. I’ll just go re-read your old recaps for the laughter, and would enjoy staying connected.

    • Hi, Vicki.

      Thanks for letting me know your comment went missing. I think you probably didn’t put the captcha code in and it went to my spam folder. I found it though.

      You’re very sweet. I wish you could be my fairy godmother too! 🙂

      I’ve been struggling a lot the last few weeks because of a virus. It was coming and going and now it’s got a strong hold on me. I haven’t been able to do anything.

      I really don’t know what I’m going to do yet. This season got screwed up at the end. It’s hard to be funny when you don’t feel well and all you have are generic hometowns to write about.

      If I continue to cover the show, I will have to do it differently than I have up until now. It’s too much work. It takes up all of my free time.

      I’m happy to keep in touch with any of my readers. You can write me anytime. My email is located at the bottom of every page. It goes through to my main email.

      Thanks you very much for your feedback and support! 🙂

    • Hey, Marla.

      Did you get my email? I did a tarot reading for you a couple of weeks ago.

      I’m struggling with a virus so I think I’m done for the season. I’ll probably write something after the finale. I’m pretty sure Nick is going to choose Vanessa so I’m not on the edge of my seat or anything.

      I’m glad you enjoy my recaps. Thank you for your feedback and comments. 🙂

      • Hi Emily-

        Sorry for the delay in responding.

        No, I never received the tarot reading! If you still have the results, I’d love to see it!

    • Hi, Caroline.

      I’ve been knocked on my ass by a virus. That’s why I haven’t been writing. It’s taking all my energy to get through the day right now.

      I’m glad you enjoy my recaps. Thank you for your feedback and support! 🙂

  6. Hi Emily,
    I swear I wrote a long winded comment a couple of weeks ago, but messed up the sending part I guess. So will keep this one short. Always your recap is a joy to read, and there is always some comment or picture that makes me laugh. So thank you again.

    Sending healing thoughts your way.

    • Hey, Vicki.

      I found your comment and responded to it. See above.

      Thank you for the healing thoughts. I need them! 🙂

  7. I’m just seeing your response to me on 3/11 and no, I didn’t get your email. Shoot! I do hope you’re feeling better. Positive affirmations and healing thoughts your way.

  8. Hi Emily-

    There seems to be 2 ‘Marla’s on here now, which is unusual, since there aren’t many of us around.

    Hello, other Marla!

    I’ll sign in as Marla H from now on. But no, I never received your tarot reading. Perhaps there’s some confusion between the two of us?

    • Hi Marla H! I’m Marla B. I never received the tarot card reading either. Could there possibly be more than 2 of us? I would have loved the tarot card reading but it seems another Marla must have been the lucky recipient.

    • Hi, Marla H.

      I’m sorry to take so long to respond to my comments that came in after Nick’s season ended. The reading was for Marla B. I don’t know if you requested a reading or not. If you did, I don’t think I got the request. You can request again if you wanted a reading by going to my contact page.

      I would never have guessed there would be two Marla’s either. It’s an unusual name.

      Thanks so much for your feedback and support! 🙂

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