Bachelor in Paradise - Week 5:2
Bachelor In Paradise - Week 5:2 ©2015 ABC, mods by Café Emily
Bachelor in Paradise - Week 5:2
Bachelor In Paradise - Week 5:2 ©2015 ABC, mods by Café Emily

Bachelor In Paradise Recap: Week 5 – Episode 2

After Paradise

Samantha’s gonna face the nation. Look forward to more lies.

Jared’s on. Not sure why. If he did take Ashley’s V-card, which I seriously doubt, he’s about to blow the ending of the show.

And he promptly spoils the ending by intimating that they just talked in their fantasy suite.

Let it be known that Kris Jenner was supposed to be on the show but had a big allergic reaction and couldn’t make it… oh, and BTW, she’s on a show called “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Shameless plug.

Montage of Ashley crying over Jared not being into her. Jared looks unphased. 55% of America thinks Ashley and Jared should end up together. Just NO. Jared could have been a Bachelor contender. Ashley will likely end up on The Housewives of [INSERT FAMOUS CITY HERE].

Jaclyn’s on. She hoped there would be “more than personal trainers on the show” but when she walked in “it was like the jobless dad fitness instructor convention.” LOL. Okay, now Jaclyn’s growing on me.

Chris Bukowski is also on. The question posed to him is just “Why?”

Then The Bukowski announces his official retirement from reality TV. He gives an epic speech about how he became obsessed with being on TV and fixing his reputation, stating that every date was a group date with his demons. Then Chris Harrison ceremoniously retires his jersey.

I don’t think Chris B. wrote that speech but it was great and it sounded sincere. I’m a huge fan of anyone who chooses to opt out of the evils of reality TV in favor of a normal life so The Bukowski is forgiven all previous reality crimes in my book if he sticks to his word. Plus, Sharleen Joynt claimed in her blog this week that Chris B. is super nice and self-effacing in person and her word is pretty much gospel to me.

Next the question comes up of why Jaclyn and Chris B. never got together since they live in the same city. Um… because they’d be the worst match ever maybe? I live in the same city as Justin Bieber. Doesn’t mean we’re gonna get together.

Who’s retirement is America sadder to see? Chris B.’s or Clare’s raccoon’s (who’s also being retired. Thank you Jesus!). Personally, I’d rather see The Bukowski again. That’s how much I hate that damn raccoon. But America is happier to see The B go away.

Montage of Paradise contestants being attacked by bugs. Yawn.

Ashley I. is on. Boring chatter about Joe and Samantha.

And J.J. is on the line to talk about… get ready for it… Joe and Samantha.

Now this is getting ridiculous. Jorge the bartender is on the line to talk about Joe and Samantha! Oy. Like he has anything of value to contribute to this exhaustive conversation.

Samantha is coming on but has refused to come on the stage unless co-host, Jenny, who’s tweeted mean tweets about Sam, goes backstage. WTH? I think we can immediately assume she’s lying. Sam doesn’t like drama but she does a damn good job of creating it. Sheesh.

So Sam blames Joe, refuses to take responsibility for the text messages we clearly saw last night, and mixes up the word “manner” and “matter” as in “Juelia doesn’t deserve to be disrespected in any matter.” Aside from her possessing this bizarre grammar quirk, we’ve learned nothing new from Samantha.

Jenny can’t take it anymore though. She’s upset that Sam went for Joe when her friend was so into him.

I really can’t stand this rule of “girl code”. If you like a guy and he’s not into you, there’s not a goddamn thing you can do about it. Why would you want to stop your friend who could potentially be happy with a guy who’s never going to be happy with you from dating him? It’s just selfish. It’s one thing to try to sabotage your friend’s relationship by going after their man, but it’s something else entirely to simply date and see where things go with someone your friend has an unrequited crush on. It’s no woman’s responsibility to deny her own happiness in order to sustain the deluded fantasy world a friend has created in her mind surrounding a guy she’s never going to be with.

So, simmer down, Jenny. Stop trying to get Samantha to help you maintain the absurd status quo of girl world.

LOL. Joe made a leather bound journal of his and Samantha’s text messages. Apparently, Sam sent Joe 221 text messages prior to the show. That speaks volumes, pardon the pun. Sam, you’re a stone-cold liar.

Alright, not happy to hear Sam has gotten death threats over this. Get a grip, psychos. Would you threaten to kill someone you knew in real life because they lied about some stupid text messages? You may not like what Samantha did but she didn’t exactly commit a capital offense.

Chris announces that next week will be the finale of Bachelor In Paradise. Oh, thank God. I’m going to have to watch about a thousand Ted talks to gain back the IQ points I lost watching this show.

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5 thoughts on “Bachelor In Paradise Recap: Week 5 – Episode 2

  1. Great recaps and thanks for the links to others. This show is hilarious and I think I will actually miss it after the most. shocking. finale. ever. Can I just comment on Mackenzie’s date – she was rubbing that mud in kinda hard, even though it was obvious Justin had a bad burn. I hope she isn’t this dumb in real life, like her asking if her & Justin’s kids would be Mexican?

    Wish Butowski stayed for Jaclyn so they could team up as Bachelor alumni. If I were coming in late I would immediately announce I was going to ask whoever I felt a connection with and if that person was “wifed up” they could say no.

    Been watching After Paradise and I agree Jared is boring (& too nice, he should have jumped off the crazy train in week 1 , especially since a few ladies were into him.) I did notice Ashley I-lashes didn’t go near him at the end when everyone was hugging on stage. Hmmm

    • Hi, Jennifer.

      Thanks for the comment! I really appreciate the feedback. You’re welcome for the links. I had a hard time finding other blogs so I thought it would be helpful for others if I linked to the good blogs I found.

      I kind of had a change of heart about Jared after his last week on The Bachelorette. I think he’s sweet but yeah, I was bored with him for a while. But that’s not surprising. Most of the people on these shows are boring to me just for lack of display of original thought.

      I’m not sure why he stayed (or even agreed to be) on the show. I don’t know what kind of incentives these people get to stay on or if they have to sign a contract for how long they’re going to be on.

      I must have missed the hugging part. But I tend to rush through the show. I very much doubt Jared and Ashley I. got together after the show ended so not surprised at all that she kept her distance.

      I agree that I would probably ask whoever I was into instead of picking at the leftovers. I mean what’s the point? Other than to possibly get an extra 5 minutes of fame.

      I don’t think Mackenzie is as dumb in real life as she comes across on the show. The producers probably teased a lot of those answers out of her.

      Thanks again! I really appreciate the time you took to write!

  2. You are a little harsh on the recaps. Remember it might all be BS but you don’t have to be so mean and negative. Snarky is fun like the Bachelor Burn Book and IhateGreenBeans but don’t take the show to seriously. Nonetheless i like your recaps but tone down the aggressive a bit.

    Also i doubt Samantha got death threats. That is just part of her manipulative ways. Yes shes been called things but i have yet to read a tweet or otherwise that makes a threat to her life. Also i have a feeling that Ashley I and her supposed crush on Jared was faked. I mean she didn’t even go near him at the end. She is clearly over it.

    Overall good episode can’t wait for the finale.

  3. Thanks for the feedback! I will take it into consideration.

    But I actually don’t take any of the shows in The Bachelor/ette/IP franchise too seriously. Occasionally, I get invested if there’s someone I really like on one of the shows but that’s pretty rare.

    I DO call out production for being too manipulative and I speak my mind about social issues that come up on the show.

    If you read the disclaimer at the beginning of every recap, you can see that I actually don’t bare any ill will toward any of the people on the shows, even the so-called villains. I don’t think reality TV is an accurate reflection of the totality of a person so I would never decide a person on a reality show was just crappy or just dumb or just a douche/b*tch based only on their appearance on TV.

    I don’t know if Sam got death threats or not. Only she knows for sure. Nonetheless, I strongly disapprove of such behavior.

    Looking forward to the finale as well.

    Thanks for your comments! I really appreciate it! 🙂

  4. My favorite highlights this week were the jellyfish, “I’m on a boat”, and Mexican (Spanish man) wedding! Oh, and the line that didn’t make the cut but was still funny. The remainder was the wonderful tongue-in-cheek exposure I have come to look forward to each week! Well done!

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