The Only Guy Left Who Remotely Resembles Husband Material
The Only Guy Left Who Remotely Resembles Husband Material

Bachelorette 2017 – Episode 7 8 9

Peters One-On-One
(AKA Sled dogs don’t stop sledding for bathroom breaks)

“Peter, we’re at the peak of our relationship. – Rachel”

Eric isn’t happy he got put on the 3-on-1. He assumes it means he’s in fourth place. He doesn’t know yet that swami doesn’t-know-when-to-quit-with-the-lavender is going to assure him a place in the final three.

Peter and Rachel go on a helicopter ride over the Swiss Alps. I’m not usually envious of the exotic dates Bachelor contestants get to go on but I went through a train ride through the Swiss Alps once in the middle of winter and it was awe-inspiring. I can only imagine what a helicopter ride would be like.

Rachel informs Peter that he had the very first one on one and the last one. Peter is all-too-aware. He’s been waiting for more one-on-one time with her.

When they get to the top of “Glacier 3000” (I didn’t know Alps had individual model numbers), they go dog-sledding.

Peter is the only honest, genuine contestant on the show. He tells Rachel flat out that he’s had good days and bad days and there were times when he wasn’t sure he wanted to stay. He says that the fact that being with her has been almost too good to be true and is what got him through the difficult times.

Rachel claims to be scared by the notion that Peter considered leaving but what does she expect? If you like someone a lot and your intentions are honorable, are you supposed to be cool with that person going on dates and making out with a bunch of other people?

They have dinner in a fancy dance hall. Peter tells Rachel he plans on bringing her home to meet his parents. I like a man with confidence.

Rachel asks if Peter’s ever brought home a black girl home before. He says he’s never actually dated a black girl before. I do wonder if he understands that there are cultural issues surrounding multi-racial couples that add a level of stress to such relationships. I hope he’s able to handle it. If people love each other, I don’t think it’s a big deal but it’s certainly something to be considered.

Peter says his family will be supportive of whoever he brings home.

Rachel asks him about the last person he brought home and I definitely had something stuck in my eye when Peter was talking about driving away from his ex whose heart he broke.

Peter isn’t sure if he’s ready to give his heart again. He can only say he thinks he is.

Honestly, I am really torn. Peter is the only guy on the show who I think could possibly be right for Rachel but he’s also the only guy I’d want to see as the next Bachelor.

The pickings are seriously slim for next year’s Bachelor. I hope that Rachel ends up with Peter and the producers pull a rabbit out of their hat in Paradise and find us a new Bachelor from the pool of contestants there, maybe someone who was a solid contestant but got overlooked for storyline reasons on a previous season. I’d be happy to even have Luke come back and take the role since Nick snatched it out from under him at the last second last year.

Rachel is worried about risking a rose on a guy who might not be ready to get engaged (who is after 6 weeks, really?) but gives him the rose anyway because she “really, really likes him.”

Peter says he really likes her too. He doesn’t throw the word love around easily but it’s definitely along that path.


The Three-On-One
(AKA Au Revoir, Matt and Adam. You were boring to the end.)

Adam says his relationship with Rachel is stronger than anybody else’s relationship with her. In what universe?

The foursome goes to France where Matt and Adam will face the guillotine.

Matt’s head is the first to roll which saddens Rachel since he was the contestant that reminded her most of herself. Huh? How? Why? He’s an introverted construction worker from New York (Jersey?). What could they possibly have in common?

Au revoir, Matt.

Next, there’s an awkward two-on-one dinner at a table built for one.

Adam feels like tonight is going to be the cherry on top of everything he’s built so far… so he’s going to drop a cherry into a black hole? What has he built beside a fantasy in his mind?

Adam asks Rachel is she sees herself falling in love with him.



Rachel is scared that Eric’s never brought a girl home before but there’s no way she’s going to meet Adam’s family so Eric gets the rose by default.

Au revoir, Adam. You can’t have Rachel but Adam Junior will be waiting at home to dry your tears.

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10 thoughts on “Bachelorette 2017 – Episode 7 8 9

  1. I do love Rachel. I respect her, and feel like she is a smart woman with a great head on her shoulders, total confidence and self-awareness on her side. But if she lets Peter go because he won’t give her a ring, she may be crazy. A lot of people are saying that he just isn’t into her, but I don’t believe that. I think he is exactly what he says he is… cautious. He wants to make the right decision, and one that he can live with for the rest of his life. He doesn’t want to get engaged to her and then be a laughing-stock if they break up a month later. I think he is fantastic, and he is legitimately the only one I could see as being the Bachelor. Although, wouldn’t the same thing hold true if he was? Not wanting to get engaged so quickly? Hmmm, it is a conundrum. But I tell ya… the boy is smoking hot.

    • Hi, Jaime.

      Well, I guess Rachel might be crazy since she let Peter go.

      I don’t see how anyone could think Peter wasn’t into her after the finale. I read that that final “argument” lasted 3 hours. We only got to see about 10 minutes of it. You don’t have an emotional discussion drag on that long if you aren’t invested in that person.

      I’m not sure how he could be the Bachelor if he can’t make a decision quickly about getting engaged but I’d be happy to watch his season even if he pulled a Juan Pablo at the end. I’d rather watch something compelling without a ring than something generic with one.

      I’ve always thought it was silly for people to get engaged at the end. It’s only worked out a few times in 30 something seasons of the franchise.

      I agree with you that Peter is a smoke show. The silvery hair and silver green eyes really does it for me. It’s an unusual combination.

      Thanks for the feedback and support. I always appreciate your feedback! 🙂

  2. One more, b/c it was too long of a comment apparently. Sorry.
    Eric is a sweet kid, but that is exactly what he is to me, a KID. And he happens to drive me up the wall. Truly, madly, deeply drives me crazy. I just can’t with him. Yeesh
    Dean, to me, is one of the best of the bunch. I have a ton of love for him, and my heart goes out to him. He is precious, funny, kind. He will be an amazing husband and father one day. However, you are right that he needs some counseling. Not because he is crazy by any means, but he has so much packed inside himself that he refuses to let out and it is eating him away. He needs to be able to let it go, and move forward. THEN he could have an amazing life with an awesome woman. And he is dang cute.
    And Brian. I really have nothing to say except I don’t buy it and his mom needs to chill the f*&% OUT. But I think he will be her pick. We will have to wait and see.

    • Well, I agree with you on every point. I guess Eric turned it around for me at the finale. He had been annoying but Eric the man showed up to that last rose ceremony. I was very impressed.

      I forgot to say in my last response to you that Peter may be gunning for the Bachelor gig now since Rachel was pretty nasty in a very subtle way on ATFR when his feelings were raw. I can see him looking for payback. And I have no doubt he’ll get it. No one on the BIP lineup can compete.

      I didn’t want to believe she would choose Bryan but she did. It was disappointing. I do hope she finds happiness though because I like her a lot. I don’t like the way she handled herself on ATFR but I understood it. Too many feelings between her and Peter. She didn’t want to get distracted from her goal.

      Thanks for taking the time to write. I really appreciate it! I hope you’re doing well 🙂

  3. Hi Emily,
    Great recap! You have wonderful insight into the human condition……that paired with a fantastic sense of humor, make you a very entertaining blogger. I will truely miss your writings! Thanks for the laughs!

    • Hi, Rachel.

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m really tired which is why I probably won’t cover Paradise but if Peter is the Bachelor, I will definitely cover his season. If it’s someone else, probably not.

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my blog. I really appreciate your readership and for taking time to comment on my blog.

      Thank you! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the recap! That was quite a large bite for you to swallow, but you managed to cover it all!
    So– everyone I know that watches the show falls into one of two camps regarding their feelings about Peter. Camp 1: Peter is a good guy, who is completely normal for not yet being sure he wants to marry Rachel after barely being in her presence. He knew what he was getting into, and knew the show is supposed to end with a proposal. He probably thought he could get there in time with his feelings, but is finding that he just can’t. (I fall into this camp.) Camp 2: Peter is a conniving wretch whose plan all along was to play his cards right and end up as the next bachelor.
    Anyway, I guess time will tell, but I prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt for now. 🙂 Thanks again for the recap!

    • Hi, Melissa.

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I had no idea there was a divide until you told me but I’ve been seeing it in a lot of comments sections of different articles about the show.

      I’m baffled by it. People are saying Peter is a commitment phobe because he didn’t want to propose to Rachel after knowing her for a handful of hours while she was dating other men. I don’t think any sane person would think that was a good idea which is one of the issues I have with this franchise.

      I think people also forget that these people are on a television set for 6 weeks while they’re trying to get to know each other. I read that the final discussion/argument between Rachel and Peter lasted 3 hours. For 3 hours they were trying to figure out how to make it work while 10 or so crew members were following them around.

      All the intimate moments we see are being watched by a large crew of people. How are you supposed to get any sense of reality of what it’s like to be with someone when all that is going on?

      I also don’t think people realize that in order to be on camera, you have to have big bright lights shining in your face all the time. How annoying is that when you’re trying to figure out if you want to marry someone?

      The whole thing is very unnatural and it doesn’t surprise me at all when people occasionally come along and remind us the emperor is wearing no clothes.

      It’s weird for me to have to defend Peter. I could see why people didn’t like Nick and I defended him a lot, especially after Andi’s season. But Peter? Why do people think he’s faking it? I just don’t see it. I know that he said in a high school yearbook that he wanted to be on the Bachelor but that was almost half his life ago. I don’t think he held on to that dream all these years. He could have easily gotten on the show before now if it was really a serious goal.

      Anyway, thank you for your feedback and support. Always appreciated! 🙂

  5. I was disappointed to see Dean is going on BIP he would be a good bachelor.
    I thought Rachel was going to pick Peter because he is pretty and she wants the one she cant have either.
    Then I thought she was going to pick Bryan after not getting what she wanted from Peter.
    So either way not a satisfying choice or ending to this season.

    • Hi.

      I don’t think Dean is ready to helm a Bachelor season but don’t despair because he’s going on BIP. Either Peter is going to be the Bachelor or someone from BIP is. That could be Dean.

      Chris Harrison said they were going to see how BIP went before choosing a Bachelor because they chose Nick last year.

      I wish Rachel had chosen Peter not because I thought she couldn’t have him but because I thought he was right for her. I still do but she was pretty mean to him on ATFR.

      Thank you for your feedback and support! 🙂

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