Bachelorette 2016 Recap: Episode 6

Don't cry for Derek, Argentina.

Bachelorette 2016 Recap: Episode 6 Hi Bachelor Nation. I’m so grateful to you guys for your comments on my blog that I put out last Sunday. It really means the world to me. I can understand why some people don’t comment on blogs about silly shows like this because it’s it’s embarrassing. People seem to … Read more

Bachelorette 2016 Recap: Episode 5

Alex's hair has a mind of its own

Bachelorette 2016 Recap: Episode 5 Hi guys. I’m struggling again to get my blogs out on time. I’m sorry. I don’t know what the other bloggers’ secret is. It’s taking me nine hours to write a blog about a two-hour show and I’m trying to figure out how to shorten the process. Until I can … Read more

Bachelorette 2016 Recap: Episode 2

Breaking News: Chad is a Douche

Bachelorette 2016 Recap: Week 2 This was a pretty uneventful episode in my opinion. I was a little surprised Derek got the first one-on-one. I barely noticed him the first night. Even after seeing his date though, I don’t think he has a chance. He’s a good-looking guy but he lacks a certain edge that … Read more

Bachelorette 2016 Recap: Episode 1

Jojo 2016 Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2016 Recap: The Premiere Welcome back, readers! I’m so grateful to all of you for sticking with me and boosting me up last season. I was really struggling toward the end to get my recaps out because my chronic illness is very demanding of my time. But writing about this show, silly as it … Read more

Bachelorette Season 12 Premiere

Emily as Bachelorette

Hello, Bachelor Nation! It’s that time of year again. Unfortunately, my health has been acting up so I’m not going to be able to get my recaps out in a timely manner. My aim is to get them out by Wednesday night, PST.  Failing that, I will get them out on Fridays. If you’re wondering … Read more

Bachelor 2016: Posting links in the comments section of other blogs

Hey, Bachelor Nation. I got a comment last night that I was “hijacking” Lincee’s blog because I post links to my recaps in her comments section. Hijacking is a bit of an overstatement considering that Lincee gets hundreds of comments on her blogs each week and I’m just another one of them. But I wanted … Read more

My Failed Attempt to Befriend Nick Viall

Emily and Nick - NOT BFF's

How I Made an Ass/Hero of Myself Trying to Befriend Nick Viall on Twitter If it actually looks like I’m standing next to Nick Viall in the photo above, I’m not. But yay me for having amazing Photoshop skills! Shout out to Nick who had the foresight to know I would need a pic of … Read more

UnREAL: Behind the Scenes of Reality Romance

UnREAL - An Insider's Perspective on Behind the Scenes of The Bachelor

UnREAL: Behind the Scenes of The Bachelor Through the Eyes of a Former Producer Have you seen Lifetime’s new hit series, UnREAL? Well, if you’re a Bachelor/ette/IP fan, you should definitely check it out. A lot of us talk about The Bachelor franchise being our “guilty pleasure” but after watching UnREAL, I am starting to … Read more

Bachelorette Finale 2015: And the winner is…

Not much to report on who the winner is in this Bachelorette Finale recap for season 11. Kaitlyn chose Shawn. It’s no secret that I’m no fan of Shawn. Last year, I was mad at Andi Dorfman for picking Josh and hurting Nick on national TV. But I guess I like Kaitlyn more than I … Read more

Bachelorette 2015 Recap – Episode 11: The MTA

We love Kaitlyn!

Bachelorette 2015 Recap – Episode 11: The Men Tell All There’s a lot I could say about tonight’s episode. There were Ian’s TWO awkward apologies on bended knee, neither of which I bought. There was Clint’s somewhat redeeming statement that Kaitlyn did the right thing by letting Nick on the show. And we finally found … Read more