Bachelor 2016: Episode 2 Recap

Bachelor 2016 Episode 2: Sobriety Doesn’t Cure Crazy Lacey Before I start, please, take a look at the above screenshot of Olivia.  I don’t want to say she looks terrible without makeup because very few of us look good without it but with the excessive moisturizer she had on plus facial expressions like the one … Read more

Ben Higgins: Bachelor 2016. First Impressions.

I’ll write a full recap tomorrow of the first episode of Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor.  I have to memorize all the women’s names first. I predicted Olivia would get the first impression rose as soon as I saw her get out of the limo and interact with Ben. They clicked immediately. I predict … Read more

My Failed Attempt to Befriend Nick Viall

Emily and Nick - NOT BFF's

How I Made an Ass/Hero of Myself Trying to Befriend Nick Viall on Twitter If it actually looks like I’m standing next to Nick Viall in the photo above, I’m not. But yay me for having amazing Photoshop skills! Shout out to Nick who had the foresight to know I would need a pic of … Read more

UnREAL: Behind the Scenes of Reality Romance

UnREAL - An Insider's Perspective on Behind the Scenes of The Bachelor

UnREAL: Behind the Scenes of The Bachelor Through the Eyes of a Former Producer Have you seen Lifetime’s new hit series, UnREAL? Well, if you’re a Bachelor/ette/IP fan, you should definitely check it out. A lot of us talk about The Bachelor franchise being our “guilty pleasure” but after watching UnREAL, I am starting to … Read more